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Consumer feedback about Rockford Memorial Hospital

Javon Bea Hospital-Rockton
Reviewed from Google

2.9 out of 5 stars

Scott Peterson
Scott Peterson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

People come to the emergency room because they have a serious problems. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors who do their best every day to help. No one reads reviews before they come to the emergency room LOL!


3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

My mom is in Adult Critical Care and I have had 2 negative experiences. First was one of her nurses, Laura. She did not get the alarm for my mother's chair, was not rotating her in bed as she had a bed soar and was to be rotated every 2 hours, didn't give her the nausea medication she was prescribed, and had no bed side manner. I spoke with management and ensured she was NEVER my mother's nurse again. Her attitude was horrible and shesdropped the ball too many times to mention in regards my mother's health and safety. The second is a CNA named Kim. She refuses to smile, argued as to whether my mother had to go to the bathroom. I asked her to leave the room.
She went to the nurses station and began speaking about it with fellow staff as if I was in the wrong. The nurses station is right outside my mother's room. I went to the head nurse on the floor, Jane, and told her I was upset with the situation. While I was speaking with Jane, Kim was sitting behind Jane and was making faces at me. I have never experienced such lack of professionalism!

Da JuggaloOgRe
Da JuggaloOgRe

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Very horrible NICU, half the nurses and doctors in the NICU are very rude and can never get their facts straight. Homecare is no better and they always send you home with faulty equipment. Stay far away from this hospital especially if you are having a baby. They advertise that they have the best NICU in the state line but that's a lie.

Tugboat Pop
Tugboat Pop

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

My husband go sick while traveling across the company. We ended up in the ER have nothing but Praise for the rapid care given to us. Everyone was very informative and kind from ICU to step down ICU to the regular floors. DR and Hospital Doctors are terrific. Even the cafe good was very good, eat there every day. Nothing but good.

Pamela Ballard
Pamela Ballard

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

My mom was a patient at Mercy Health during the flood. Due to the flood and elevators being shut down, she was stranded in the x-ray department unable to get to her hospital room on the 2nd floor. The staff did everything to make her feel comfortable. In fact, they moved her to ICU on the first floor where she could be in a hospital bed. She was never nervous or scared as they handled the crisis situation with calmness and professionalism. When I left her that evening I felt confident she was in great hands. Thank you Mercy Health for taking good care of my mom.

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