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3.3 Rating 3.3
24 reviews

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AdventHealth Rollins Brook is part of AdventHealth, one of the largest health care providers in the United States.
The hospital services include behavioral health, digestive care, emergency & urgent care, heart & vascular care, imaging services, lab services, men’s health care, mother and baby care, orthopedic care, sleep care, sports medicine & rehabilitation care, surgical care, women’s health care, and wound care.

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$50,430,385 Rating 3.3
(24 reviews)

Kris Lover

Went there for back pain. Nurse Mindy seemed on the ball and took care of what I needed. The dr came in to see me with the expected 5mins. (I work in healthcare.i know the dr can only see us for a few short mins before the next person) He asked to have a nurse help me take my clothes off. A female nurse came in and did so not gently enough considering why I was there. She pulled that muscle and it hurt very badly. Sat on the bed afterwards waiting for the dr to come back in to thoroughly check my back. He ordered an a1c accucheck, urine and an xray. Urine was done quickly. I waited another hour listening to the dr ask his nurses if they did my accucheck. One female replied 'I'll check to see if it was done and if it isnt I'll do it.' Waiting another 30mins until he asked again. Finally, the paramedic student came in and did it. He messed up the first one and had to repeat it. After awhile I was told I was soon to be discharged and they were moving me across from my room (rm4) as they had a man with chest pain coming in and needed the room. Certainly a hippa violation right there. I went to dress in the bathroom and came out. Asked where I needed to go and they said the bed right in front of them. Which was literally right in front of the nurses station. No privacy.for anyone. And I told them that. I explained it's a hippa violation as I am able to hear everything from dob's,to social security numbers and anything else. A female nurse hovering over the counter simply said there was no place to put me and that there use to be no wall there (pointing to the room I was just in and regarding hippa) just curtains between pts. I told them that since I was being discharged they could sit me outside as I was waiting for my paperwork only. They ignored me. When they gave me my discharge papers I had to ask for a work note (I came in wearing scrubs...come on guys. It's not rocket science). Instead of giving me 2 days off she only gave me a note for that day (yesterday). And I heard the dr ask about a work note and if I only requested 1 day. I didnt hear her so I can only assume she nodded yes when I would clearly have asked for another day. It's not like I can do cart wheels. I'm in serious pain here. But whatever. Dr Johnson is a great dr. Nurse Mindy was helpful. But to the 3 women nurses I had an encounter with, yall need bedside manners. If you dont like your jobs,quit. Dont go here if you can avoid it.

Erikka B

Here for a scheduled appointment. Arrived the standard 15 min ahead, stood in line for 5 min at the front desk where I was told to check in, listening to the elderly woman gossip about neighbors, only to be told I'm in the wrong line. There's no check in organization or line. I stood in what appeared to be a line forming, only to find another line forming in the other direction. Of course the woman sitting at the desk did nothing. I then listened to 4 different people give their name, address and SSN. Good thing I'm not here to steal identities. I finally got to the front and gave my name so the lady could shout, "you're here for a mammo?" Glad the whole waiting room now knows that...

Victoria Valentine

Spent Sunday Morning in this ER in unbelievable R-Flank Pain. The nurse Karn and others very nice. They the doctor and all realized pain severe and past # 10 and treated me accordingly and I was thankful!

James Rhymes

This hospital is such a joke would give it negative stars if I could came in at 7 pm with my 9 yr old son was told no beds were available to wait in lobby 2 other ppl came in 30 mins later were given beds right away worst hospital ever probably more likely to kill you

Cortney Neptune

Headed back to San Antonio from Dallas area with my nine month old sick son. Had to take him to nearest ED, per pediatrician, and this was the closest. Immediately in triage and had a room. Tests were started within 30 mins of us being there. Doc was sooo wonderful and explained everything in terms so I could understand. Husband was at home so I had him on the phone with me the majority of the time and the doc and all the nurses made sure to include him in all conversations and decisions. My son is a natural ladies man but all the nurses just loved him and helped me out with him and made sure I was ok too, being there alone, an hour and a half away from our family. Everyone was so gentle with him! It did take awhile but it was Saturday morning and I left with a much better feeling baby and I was at ease.