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Consumer feedback about Rome Memorial Hospital, Inc

Rome Memorial Hospital
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2.5 out of 5 stars

David Becker
David Becker

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

This was an absolute living he1l today. I went there at 7 in the morning because my acute symptoms from Lyme disease were acting up and I couldn't make it out to the Lyme disease specialist in Albany that treats me. I'm also recovering from facial palsy. The doctor on duty today, doctor Sun, sent me for a CT scan and chest x-ray. What ever.

6 hours go by, I have yet to eat anything, going back to the night before. He then suggest I get an MRI because of the facial palsy. Dr Sun thinks I had a stroke!! I insisted to him that I did not have a stroke and requested to go home. He literally held me hostage there by telling me that if I were to leave without getting my MRI that I wouldn't get a work note for the then 6 hour day that I literally spent at the hospital! I'm not making any of this up. After 6 hours of being there if I leave against his advice he wont excuse me from work. So they strong-armed me into an MRI for the stroke that I know I didn't have.

When Dr sun came in yelling about an MRI I had no idea who he was. I had no idea why they wanted an MRI at first or even that they wanted one. One of the nurses just started hooking me up to an IV for contrast. I had no idea why. I had to ask 17 questions just to get out the fact that he suggested I may have had a stroke. It was odd.

And when Sun initally came in he didn't introduce himself. I had no idea he was a doctor because he was dressed like a tactical paramedic. I had him pegged for an EMT or security initially. That dude was wicked unprofessional.

The Silver Lining there was the intern Doctor Who was working directly under Sun. She was amazing. Dont know her name. She answered all my questions and if she didn't have the answer she found it for me. She was very polite with great bedside manner. She was excellent. She was able to talk me into having the MRI by explaining that there were some benefits to having one done. And she's probably the only reason why I didn't totally lose my cool.

All in all I spent 10 hours there with out a lick of food or water dating back to the night before. Hour 9 I mentioned food and they were going to bring me some food but at that time I wanted nothing more than to get out of there not wait another half an hour for hospital chow.

I've been going there for years. I go out of my way to go there. I always bring my children there when they are feeling ill. The staff is always friendly and I think the ER rooms are always very clean. So yeah I'm incredibly shocked. I'm not the first person to say this and I won't be the last, I'll never go there again for as long as I live. Probably one of the worst days in recent history.

Joe Coupe
Joe Coupe

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I recently moved to Utica NY an have had a sobriety for 2.5yrs anin the time i go there ibwas out of meds for my sobriety an was doing well. I was told that i I would have to wait 14days before I would get my meds. Mind you if you take meds for long periods of time you body will be adjusted to them an cause you body to go into withdrawal.

Caitlynn Meadows
Caitlynn Meadows

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Honestly my grandma went here one time for surgery and she had a mother's ring on. It had NEVER slipped off and she had been wearing it when we got to the hospital and then after surgery it was gone!! We called the hospital a day later and they said they haven't seen it. It had a real Dimond and emerald with 2 other gems on it also. THAT'S EXPENSIVE!!!!! ALL DOCTORS WANT THESE DAYS IS MONEY!!!!!!! 100% not satisfied with this visit😒😒 (I'm only 11)

Rob Ancillotti
Rob Ancillotti

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I've been in and out of hospitals in the Syracuse area my whole life due to Crohns Disease and have never felt the way I was made to feel at Rome hospital. They don't communicate at all with each other or the patients. They started doing tests on me that were unnecessary and then argued with me when I told them my wishes and the opinions of my own doctor's and care team in Syracuse. It was even a struggle getting discharged, and the doctor almost had me sign an AMA saying I was refusing treatment because she "didn't want the hospital to incur any liability". Do patients rights or opinions not even matter? I'll never being going back there again. I felt like they ignored my symptoms and reasoning for even coming to the ER and tried to look for other problems that didn't exist. Awful experience!!


5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

So Thankful for the ER RN, Jodi. Not only is she kind and professional , but thanks to her quick reaction and knowledge she saved my brother from an unanticipated crisis. She handled my brother with caring calm while she worked FAST but not frantic. More then Kudos for Jodi the RN

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