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15155 US-43, Russellville, AL 35653, USA
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Consumer feedback about Russellville Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Tracy G

Would not have rated them so low but literally I sit in the room for 8 1/2 hours .... I was crying by the time I got up because I was sooooo tired of sitting there . They were nice but didn't have a lot going on just kept on talking and having a great time instead of treating patients

Rating: 1 /5

Big Wurm

Recently had a family member die, who a week prior had went here. They were ready to admit him until he told them he had once been an I'VE drug user. He had a staff infection that took over his brain, caused many strokes, and died about a week after they treated him like garbage. I wouldn't take my DOGS here. Even active drug users deserve adequate medical treatment when they have infections that are life threatening! Drug addiction is a DISEASE. I highly doubt they'd have treated a diabetic (these days is mostly a self inflected condition) the same way. Basically gave him a bag of IV fluids and kicking bim out the door. They could have saved his life. Instead, they perhaps directly caused his death. He was 30 years old. This place should be shut down, period.

Rating: 5 /5

Allison Mitchell

Overall very caring staff great nurses, doctor's are mostly thorough. There is an excellent set of physicians there Dr.Griffitts, Dr. Bridgewater, Dr. Sleeth. Very clean facility overall. Take very good of patients.

Rating: 1 /5

Joe Bama

Hate to say it but very unhappy with er visit. My mother was not doing well and a lot of pain. Had to beg for something to help with that before discharged. Nurse told us to hurry up and get going because they needed her bed. The bed was disgusting had old blood on frame and smelled bad. The whole place was very rough. I usually go north to shoals or florence when i need er but my poor mom likes to stay in rsvl if she can. I think blue cross just down graded them to lower tier so my copay would be higher if i go there anyway. Go some where else if you can.

Rating: 1 /5

Kristy Bryant

Horrible experience. If you need acute care I would recommend a better ED where you are not treated as drug seeking just for walking in the doors. You also can hear all patients issues due to the fact only curtains separate you from the next patient so no privacy at all there. Major hippa violation. One nurses incompetence Almost caused me to be placed on a ventilator at a different hospital bc they don't have an up to date triage system and mistook my severe asthma/allergic response as an anxiety attack and left me in the waiting room until I had to leave and have an ambulance meet me Enroute to take me to a better facility running code with 3 medics in the back trying to stabilize me. If you care about your loved ones take them some place safe