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5151 N 9th Ave, Pensacola, FL 32504, USA
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Consumer feedback about Sacred Heart Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Daniel Ross

I was a patient here from the beginning of August, 2003 until the middle of September, 2003... I had to learn how to walk again and undergo physical therapy everyday, but the staff was terrific! They helped push me along and helped me through every minute of the physical therapy, from at very first having to learn how to use my arms again, to the walking and physical activity part of it all. I wanted to say THANK YOU to Sacred Heart Hospital of Pensacola, FL!!!!! Hopefully some of the staff that helped me is still there helping others. I'd gone from here to Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, FL to finish my physical therapy and I'm happy to report I am still able to stand and walk. I still kind of have a gimp in my walk, but I'll always have this from what all I went through! Again, thank you Sacred Heart and God bless!!!

Rating: 1 /5


DON'T ever go to sacred if you feel like your not going to make it. I took my father up to sacred heart hospital and his blood pressure was over 200 and he couldn't even stand he was dizzy and nausea's and his legs were swollen usually a sign of heart issues and they let him site in the lobby for over 7 hours and kept telling him there are two people ahead of you and we watched at least 12 people go after they said that. I can obviously see they don't care about their patients. I bet if you worked there you would get seen immediately. I sent out messages to this owner to see what they would say and what a surprise I didn't hear back. This is probably an automated service to cover there A**.

Rating: 1 /5

Michelle Moore

I have just left the ER here after being sent from the Urgent Care doctor because I have PNEUMONIA. You know, the stuff that KILLS you. I'm also diabetic. The waiting room was filthy and gross. The people at the desk didn't seem to care that I'm laboring to breathe. They informed my husband that the wait time was seven hours, even though the Urgent Care doctor faxed papers over saying I needed to be seen immediately. The lab tech, EKG guy, and X ray tech were all nice. My husband went to tell the front desk that I'm diabetic and a terribly rude woman came to get me, never telling me where she was taking me. She apparently was going to take my glucose and didn't know how to do it. I still have blood running out my finger. When my husband told the desk people my glucose was 275 (very high), and they told us to have a seat, I had had enough. We are going to a hospital that is courteous, professional, and clean. Having recently relocated here from Chicago, we were looking for a doctor and hospital that would give us the amazing treatment we had there. Your hospital will not be it. As for my bill, it would be shameful for you to bill me for being treated so poorly.

Rating: 5 /5

MW est

Absolutely the best and fastest hospital service I have ever had anywhere, period. My 2 year old daughter dislocated her elbow and we drove to our closest ER which was Gulf Breeze hospital. We waited and waited and after never getting to see the doctor we just decided to leave and drive to Sacred Heart. The staff in Gulf Breeze could not be any more rude and cold. They showed zero empathy, barely picked their noses up the computer and phone screens. They could see my poor 2 year old was in pain and nobody saw us because "they had recently updated the computer system and it's slow". Sacred Heart Pediatric ER was like night and day, superb service in the reception. Caring, fast, kind, it is now 1 am and I am sitting here writing a good review because this is how impressed I was. The doctor walked in no more than half a minute after I had entered the room, she made my daughter who is terrified of doctors feel comfortable and gently fixed her elbow so fast she was high-fiving the doctor moments later. We were in an out of the hospital in less than 45 minutes.Highly highly recommended!!

Rating: 5 /5

Jerrica Harris

Brought my friend to the ER for stomach pain, the neuaw Heather was amazing!!! She was so accommodating and kind which made this long visit much easier! My friend is all smiles now and it’s call cause of Heather’s warm spirit! Thanks girl ❤️