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Consumer feedback about Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Tracey jardine

This hospital makes me ashamed for being in the medical field. They lack what should always be the center of health care....compassion and patient advocacy. It is shameful the way they treat patients. Human beings in their most vulnerable state are treated like tasks to be accomplished and as if it is too much of a burden to offer any sort of "care". ER nurses act as if they are God's gift to nursing and patients are wasting their precious time. The floor nurses have no time or patience to offer kind words or basic human compassion. There is one bright star, Philip. He behaves in a manner in which all of us nurses should. Compassion seeps from him. Wish Saddleback would take the time to foster more nurses of his caliber.

Rating: 2 /5

Jennifer Tov

The 2 star Review is for the Nurse Julie who seem to be very professional up until I asked her for a note for work. Her response was "that says what??" Umm...Idk...that I was at the ER instead of work?? I was an ER patient who went in for a gynecological problem and she wanted me to use my discharge papers as my work note. With centered bold words of the gynecological condition and discharge instructions. My boss doesn't need to know that. Period. The most most unprofessional part came when I went back to get a formal work form. She rolled her eyes and had this very unprofessional attitude, I was her patient and she didn't even get up when the other nurse said Julie will provided you with the work note. Someone else had to do it. I don't understand how giving me a work note was an inconvenience to her since the ER was empty when I arrived and when I left there were 2 patients and about 5 staff members sitting behind the desk.

Rating: 1 /5


Sitting in ER (I don’t think they know what that means) with my 81 yr old mother-in-law who is bleeding from a bursted tumor and in the 2 hours we’ve been here all they have done is taken her blood pressure. Never checked the wound or the dressing. What a joke!!! Still sitting in the lobby.

Rating: 1 /5

Pei-wen Tan

Unfriendly and was always unreachable when we had questions. Had multiple bad experiences dealing with the nurses. Furthermore we found out that they did the biopsy on the wrong place and now my mom needs extra biopsy and possibly another surgery because of it. I would give it negative stars if I could. Do not go to this hospital for your own good.

Rating: 1 /5


Worst treatment ever! I had all the symptoms of a bleeding aneurysm but was tortured with repetitive questions like an interrogation though I was clearly incapacitated with pain! Rude nurses kept demanding my name as though I was lying! I wouldn't send my ex-husband there! No wonder this hospital was so clean...and empty.