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About Sage Memorial Hospital

Sage Memorial Hospital is a community-owned and operated, private, nonprofit corporation. It is the first Native-managed private comprehensive health care system in the country.
Sage Memorial Hospital holds both a license from the Arizona department of health services and accreditation from the joint commission.
The hospital serves a community of approximately 23,000 as the sole provider of healthcare services within its service area.

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  • Verify testing center info before going.
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  • Critical Access Hospitals

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James Hanlon

The dental clinic provided dental services for my grandson based on the paperwork we have for my grandson. However, the medical clinic refused to give him a physical. This doesn't make sense to me. When I spoke with Sharon Edison in the administrative office there, she was rude, speaking over me when I was talking. Then she was uncooperative when asked for the name and contact number for the chief executive officer. This is very unprofessional behavior.

Chris Carson

Rudest phone operators I have ever encountered at a Hospital. They clearly HATE their jobs.

Eugine papa

Daniel Slates

Edward Young