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1303 E Herndon Ave, Fresno, CA 93720, USA
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Consumer feedback about Saint Agnes Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Samantha Bowers

I would love to give this awful chop shop no stars. Since, that's not possible 1 star it is. Please don't let your love one (honestly anyone) come here. Compassion is non-existent and incomptency is apparently the standard of care. I've experienced nothing but issues with medical staff here. Lazy, entitled and worthless are the adjectives that best describe the staff. Families and patients are treated as a burden/interruption in the staff's big day of socializing and complaining. Also, don't even think about asking questions because then you'll get the poor excuse for management in your room threatening you and your family. Honestly, I'm so sickened by this despicable place that it's ridiculous. Please do not come here!!!! Go to a different hospital where you'll actually receive competent medical care. Learn from my family's mistake, our love one will never be the same after the "care" we received here. And yes, this was just my family's experience but, why chance it?

Rating: 3 /5

Harman Gill

Came in for an ankle injury. For the most part the staff was really nice. The Doctor & my RN were really nice, helpful, caring, and compassionate. However, when I went in to get x-rays for my ankle, the x-ray technician was very rude, mean, and unprofessional. Also, in addition, the doctor should of given me a boot and crutches for my ankle instead of giving me just an ankle brace. He said it would take about a week to completely heal up but it actually to over a month to get better. After a week, I went to an Urgent care and the nurse practitioner gave me a boot and crutches to walk with. With the boot and crutches, it made it so much easier for me to walk and get around everywhere.

Rating: 1 /5

george williams

Came in for ear infection and coughing up blood worst most disorganized place I've seen in my entire life, waited 4 hours in the main waiting room before they called me, once they called me I went to another waiting room and after 2 hours they moved me to yet another waiting room.... a lot of people in here look terrible not the patients the workers, I seen 7 nurses try to calm 1 guy down and next to me this 11 year old girl is bleeding from her head....once I got seen I felt rushed they did not use any deductive reasoning or cognitive thinking to help my situation got here at 1pm and won't be gone tell at least 11pm worst service I have received in my life still in pain

Rating: 1 /5


My visit was for spinal issues and nerve pain. Nurses in triage think there doctors. Decide what tests need to be done and so so. Gave details about my symptoms and based on that information decided not to do any tests because my job requires repetitive movements. Don’t get me wrong: Nurses are the backbone of the health-care system, and generally they’re better than doctors at educating patients and providing many types of routine care. But their training is different, and it doesn’t prepare them to do everything doctors do — especially diagnosing less common conditions.

Rating: 5 /5

Abraham Arias

My daughter was born October 26, my wife had her here at Saint Agnes. I just want to say, we had the BEST experience ever. From our arrival, labor, birth & exit. Even called us a few days later to see how things were going. 5 star all the way. On behalf of my wife & myself, thank you Saint Agnes Hospital!