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Consumer feedback about Saint Clare's Hospital

Brittany Vogel
Brittany Vogel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I had a GREAT labor and delivery team! Everything went smoothly and I came home with a happy healthy baby boy. Couldn't have done it without this team. Great Experience

Alex Georgopoulos
Alex Georgopoulos

2 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

The saving grace of this place are that the CCU / ICU nurses here are excellent despite the administration. They have a tough job and are very caring and understanding. The doctors seem to have no sense of urgency or common sense. My father came here due to complications with pneumonia. They were able to stabilize him but from that point on it's been a nightmare. He hasn't been able to eat and was having trouble swallowing. Nobody was monitoring his intake and was just taking away full plates of food not thinking that is a problem. We came in one day to help him eat and he started choking. The doctors said he had a problem with his trachea operating properly and instead of putting him on a feeding tube they just took his food away and gave him nothing as a substitute. He went days without anything to eat. They put a no solid food sign up and didn't do anything. I had to plead for something to keep his nutrition up. He is just wasting away in a bed not getting better. There are other things that went wrong with his care here and it was largely due to the doctors poor communication with each other.

Julien Bonifacio
Julien Bonifacio

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

From the end of September, I spent a total of 17 days at St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville for two different medical issues. The nurse aides, nurses, physician extenders and physicians were wonderful stewards of my care.

I would like to commend the following nurses on 4B: Andrew, Amy, Karla and Catherine.

I would like to commend the Rosa, one of my nurse aides on 3 Hope, as well as the nurses Olga and Karen. They provided excellent care.

I would like to commend nurse Mildred in the Endoscopy Suite.

APN Ruth Alea was a pleasure. Drs. Strutin, Meisner, Udani, Roseff, Abbasi and V. Shah were also wonderful.

Volunteer Marie Brennan made a special effort to visit me on her off day. Drs. Lim and Nicolai also were nice enough to come in to visit on days they rounded.

Overall, a very positive experience. Would highly recommend.

Binal Patel
Binal Patel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Truly the best place to have a delivery. The nurses treated me and my baby like family. Such a warm & calm place and the personal rooms were so big, spacious, and clean. But truly the personalize attention the nurses gave use was amazing. Im truly grateful and happy I came to Saint Clares in Denville!

Danny Bauch
Danny Bauch

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Caring saint clares hospital to Morristown medical center is an insult to itself saint clares behavioral center i thought was better but the adimistrator chuck is the worse am sure there is somone above chuck but someone who is an adimstrator to a outpatient behavioral health place chuck is so antisocial at one point i thought it wasnt approraite to talk to him about a confusion with license clincial social worker but the front desk told me i had to then i ask him my question and i got off the phone with him i even told him i was vomiting the today before and he still tried to stress me out but the last thing he got to say is if you ever but i hung up on him . but going back to Dr Reddy a cradiologist who onwers clares is know exception after 4 years he joins to focus on saint mary there ER staff are verbally abusive there staff once you get to a room are profressional i got to say but every week you heard that i patient who was adimitted then dicharge has passed away . patients have passed away at every hospital of sadly but adleast morristown has all the medicines that am . morristown never has ask me my family to bring my medicines in . Morristown medical center is not only the most breatiful hospital including all the atlanic health faculity i been to but i always told my surgeron to always have my two kidney sugerons in morristown and he respected that one of the best urologist i got to say and he is affiated with both saint clares and morristown medical center . Saint clares is a death sentence horrible thing to say but bruthally honested. a 20 minute driver or by abumblance is worth it adleast all the information is on file with atlantic health system prime health care will never be like atlanic health 4 years no exuse of ownership by dr reddy a cardiologist. Also for a week my former psychiatric advance nurse practioner saw me for 20 minutes then my pharmacy tried getting her on the phone they never did she refuse then when i had a last minutes appointment which she doesnt deserve to be paid by medicare and medicaid for give me the minute then i left less then to 5 minutes and she rather argue with me then be profressional warning avoid Carol Maute she works at both 4 pocono rd and 50 morris ave again ask for another nurse practioner she went to chuck after i saw her on monday instead of letting it go. clearly they never had any patients with intermittent explosive disorder all i did was throw my medicine bag on the table am sure there are former patients that phyiscal hate there Apn , psychiatrist or even Clincians i would never put my hands on a woman plus she isnt worth my time again all i did was throw my bag on her table when she ask me how i was doing plus my mom was in there and my mom ask for another apn about 3 years ago thats how incompletent she is and if i was her i would have ingrore the patient or got the authority if she feel treathen please chuck was aware i vomited the next day because i told him and he still tried to get naughty so i hung up before doing so .

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