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Consumer feedback about Saint Francis Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Trueness People

It’s hit and miss with the staff here. The doctor was great but some of the nurses were extremely rude and in-caring to our requests. One nurse in particular was super atrocious in brushing off my wife request to keep our newborn baby with us. She insisted that we remove our quiet sleeping baby and put him in the nursery. I could understand if the baby was keeping mom up of something along those lines. But this nurse had no actual justifiable reason other than yelling at mom and I that “it’s policy”. And acourse the other staff backed her once an argument started. We will deliver at home next time. Five stars for the great doctor and a few great nurses. But minus 10 stars for this cold evil nurse. I hope she gets fired or slips and breaks her hip/back while at home. That’s all I can legally write about her on here so I’ll end my post now.

Rating: 2 /5

Kelly T

My dad was transferred to St. Francis from Providence (Little Company of Mary) in Torrance due to his insurance. St. Francis is terrible, very indicative of a lower income neighborhood. These are the reasons why I did not like this hospital. First of all, there's a parking fee. I think a lot of patients who come here are not wealthy, and to charge a parking fee for their family to visit is outrageous. It can be costly for a family to pay parking daily to visit their loved ones. In the room my dad was in, had what looked like blood stains on the curtain, so disgusting! The nursing staff is not affable at all, and they ignore the patients. I noticed a huge difference in quality between the nurses at Providence and this hospital. One time, walking down the corridor, I keep hearing this patient calling out to the nurses because she was in pain. They completely ignored her. As I was walking by, the woman pleaded me to call the nurses for her. She told me she kept pushing the button for them to come, but they never came. I relayed the message to the nurses. They said okay we'd check up on her, but they didn't. I continued to hear the poor woman wailing in pain. One good thing that we experienced, at least for my dad, was that his doctor, Mark Tsai was a good one. He was patient and answered all my questions. Since I had to be at work and not there all the time, he had to call my phone to talk to me. I know sometimes you have no choice of where to go for your health services, but if you could avoid this hospital, you should.

Rating: 5 /5

Julia Sinquimani

I've been there a couple of times for diferent reasons. I've never had an issue with the staff.. The clerical staff is knowledgeable and the nurses have always been kind. Even the 1 nurse that lied to me about having a seizure coming out of surgery was kind, she was an idiot for lying to me, but she was nice on how she handled things afterward

Rating: 1 /5

Jay Bee

This hospital is garbage went to ER from 12pm till 707pm and nothing, I had to leave and go to another hospital for help! they are slow and incompetent. Only went here because it was close.I would not send my dog or enemy’s. It is also very dirty! I will be in touch with the administration. Try to get to another hospital if you can don’t waste your time at st francis.

Rating: 2 /5

Julia Sinquimani

the doctors, the physicians assistants, the nurses are top notch. THEY DESERVE 5 STARS... the staff, the discharge people suck, you hear them say how they're taking their time to do their work because the day/ night is slow.. I'm sorry, but I didn't know that you're suppose to purposely have the patients wait, fall asleep, waste their time because you don't want to be an efficient worker.. DON'T THE DOCTORS EXPLAIN TO THE STAFF THAT THE FASTER YOU DISCHARGE THE PATIENT TREE LESS LIKELY IT WILL BE FOR THEM TO PICK UP A DIFFERENT ILLNESS THAN THE ONE THEY CAME IN WITH?? checked in and saw doctor within 2.5 hours.. have been waiting 4 hours for discharge paperwork