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Consumer feedback about Saint Joseph'S Hospital of Atlanta, Inc

Rating: 5 /5


My mother is currently at that St Joseph Hospital. I could not have asked for a more better caring and loving place to be. I am highly impressed on their professionalism and effort they have shown towards my mother’s health situation. I would be very ungrateful and heartless if I said otherwise. All the employees at the ICU center are just Phenomenal!!!!. St. Joseph Hospital did an excellent job in attending to my mother’s critical care needs till she was ready to be transferred to a center where she can receive further medical attention to regain her full health. Nurse Christina !!! your attitude and courage was just one of a kind. You was very protective of my mother and that alone gave her the hope for recovery. You believing in her gave her the courage to believe in herself that she will recover . To all the Doctors and Nurses in the CCU Unit that took their time and effort to see my mother through;;;On behalf of my family and I, Thank You.

Rating: 5 /5

Sara W

Had to go to the emergency room with my father. The entire staff was friendly yet obviously under stress. When we were placed in a room, the nurses Sarah and Liz were quickly at my father's bedside helping him. They were extremely kind and observant to not only my father but the other patients in nearby beds. Sarah and Liz made sure that all patients were comfortable - and their smiling faces and pleasant demeanor made the long waiting times much less stressful - especially for my anxious father.

Rating: 5 /5

darryl elliott

I was treated great by a friendly staff. This was a great experience during a very frightening period in my life

Rating: 1 /5

Mary Waters

Dr. Busse in ICU is lazy and incompetent. Can't be bothered for to much sticks it on his nurses and don't even think you are going to get this guy to sign a death certificate anytime soon. Bad enough somebody has passed away, but he don't give 2 hoots about the miserable family. Dr. Gonzales is real cold and mean too. They kinda start suggesting real early to pull the plug and then another doctor will say privately, don't do that yet wait there could be some hope. These two are cut from the same cloth. The state should know about this for vital statistics.

Rating: 1 /5

Evan Sykes

Skeleton crew always and inexperienced mostly; no communication between staff members about their patients. I am an internist and I have never seen such a cluster of problems. Emory has such a great name. St Joseph’s needs a lot of work.