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56 Franklin St, Waterbury, CT 06706, USA
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Consumer feedback about Saint Marys Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Unicorn lover 6931 Ava D

I never write reviews, but this experience was so terrible, I feel compelled to let people know about it. I got an infection in my hand, and I went to a walk in clinic on Sunday and the Dr there told me to go to the ER right away because I started getting red streaks going up my arm leading from the infection, and she said that's very serious, and I needed to get I.V antibiotics. I came to St. Mary's and regretted every second of it. After waiting 4 hours, and having no RN or Dr. come see me, I asked them if I was going to be seen anytime soon (it wasn't busy, believe me I've seen it busy, and it definitely wasn't busy). A RN came in shortly after that, and I explained to him why I was there, and showed him the red streak on my arm, and told him it had gotten slightly worse since I got there. He then took out a pen AND DREW ON MY ARM (who does that?!) around the line to "get proof that it was getting worse" basically calling me a liar right to my face. THEN he came in and put in an IV catheter, and I waited a couple more hours, so the person I was with asked for an update as to when we would be seeing the Dr. A young girl with long strawberry blond hair came over and started being very nasty, demeaning, and passive aggressive saying things like "there's people dying in the hallways of resperitory distress" (there wasn't and everyone was either sitting, or dragging their feet moving slower than molasses) and basically saying I was of no importance to them at all, so I said if my infection spreading is of no concern to you people I want someone to come take out my catheter now so I can go home. A younger male nurse came over and was being very caring and understanding (how all people should be in the health care field) and advised I wait for the Dr. so I did. The Dr came in shortly after, looked at my hand for 20 seconds and ordered the IV antibiotics. after they came down it took 1/2 hr to administer them and I was out the door. I can't believe it took me threatening to leave for them to do something. The worst part of the whole thing is that this morning when I was looking over my paperwork one of the diagnosis was PARANOIA!!! Why?! Because I stood up for myself?!?! That stuff is forever in your record and it was like a slap in the face. The Dr saw me for a total of 2 minutes and he just looked at my hand, how on earth can you come up with a mental health diagnosis?!?! I am SO GLAD I had a witness with me. They were SO unprofessional it was unbelievable. The Dr waking the halls throwing disinfectant at and joking around with the nasty girl with strawberry blond hair, but make people wait for 7 hours for a bag of IV antibiotics. I have NEVER in my life been so mistreated at a place that's supposed to care for you. They better remove that as a diagnosis or I will be getting a lawyer involved as that is absolutely considered slander in my book. You can't just throw around mental health diagnoses. It is safe to say I will NEVER set foot in this "hospital" EVER again. I would also like to point out that I'm a very understanding person. I understand things get backed up, forgotten, busy, whatever, but all they had to do was pop in and say "we're sorry it's taking so long. We'll try to get to you as soon as possible" it's really not that difficult to show some compassion. It's really not.

Rating: 2 /5

Eugenia Buitron

Just took a friend there yesterday to ER and it took over 4 hours to get test results back! We asked for adult diapers to change her and was told they no longer use them....a CNA bought over a pair of flimsy elastic panties and some thin menstrual pads. We had to try and make our own diaper for her! This is a do it yourself hospital. Not very friendly staff but professional in their work.

Rating: 4 /5

Gus Hagberg

Best hospital in Waterbury hands down. They get busy in ER just like any hospital. They triage very well. The nurses I have had were almost all excellent. As good as Yale New Haven Hospital. So glad they teamed up!

Rating: 1 /5

Jenny Cook

Went in at 21 weeks pregnant having contractions. They first didn't let me go up to l&d even when my gynecologist told me to go to that department. The ER doctor said my amniotic fluid was low and did not do a pelvic exam. Finally went up to l&d and was monitored. Was told I have very minor contractions and I was fine. I was sent home. Next day, I woke up and was bleeding and went to my doctor. I was 4cm dilated. Unfortunately it was too late and I delivered my son who passed away. I blame the ER doctor for dropping the ball and sending me home. Do not trust this hospital.

Rating: 1 /5


Not impressed with this place. Although I know it is a hospital, and most hospitals are like this, this is a WATERBURY hospital. Both are not that great. Last month, a family member had to go here due to a fall on my porch. They were in the ER for about 10 hours, past midnight. The staff lost their eyeglasses, which we had kept in very close proximity to the person. You couldn't miss it. So they have not had glasses for a month. When they were in the ICU, they got a little stroke, but the staff said it was not a stroke, rather a harmless bleed in the brain. They cant move their arm now, guys. Jeez. It's sad I don't have any other hospitals to go to except the ones in Waterbury. Can't get their facts right.