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Consumer feedback about San Antonio Regional Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Martela White

2000 miles from home my husband needed emergency care. I can't tell you how glad I am that we ended up at this hospital. Every employee was outstanding in their job. If only other emergency rooms could do this well. Wait was not ridiculous, staff showed care and thoughtfulness and we were discharged swiftly. Thanks to all of the staff, so much! Great job!

Rating: 5 /5

Laila Abdallah

The nurses are super nice!! My mother’s surgery was a success and I loved the way they cared for her. All the staff are fulfilled with kindness and the hospital is clean! -Sana Nimr

Rating: 1 /5

Jacob Bushdiecker

Worst ER I have ever been to. Checked in a 2:13 and have been sitting here since then it is 6:13 now. I was informed upon check in that the wait was two hours, I’m well over that estimate. I do not recommend nor will I return to this hospital again. Update: finally seen at 6:42 was given a cot in the hallway.

Rating: 1 /5

Stephanie Perrot

My mother was due to have cataract surgery 2 days ago. Couldn’t have it done because her blood pressure went sky high requiring several IV meds and then it bottomed out so she was taken from the ambulatory surgical care to ER. She was admitted and was never seen by the attending doctor the day of admit. They wanted to discharge her that evening after limited test came back. She said no because my dad can’t drive an hour in the dark. My call today, she still has not seen a doctor to explain anything and was told her discharge could be done over the phone. Well being an RN I will be writing this up and sending to administration. This is poor practice and not standard of care. I do hope this is an isolated case with one physician but it will be made known. wish I wasn’t 400 miles away or I would be onsite to deal with it personally.

Rating: 1 /5

Cheri Nesbit-Haro

Terrible ER. Went 3 days in a row for a serious problem. Doctor told me to return for any further abdominal pain or more bleeding. Had to return 3 times and waited at least 3-7 hours and I was treated as a bother. Nurses standing around talking to each other and medics so much I actually took videos. I have a 25 year work history in the ER and I can tell you there was never time to stand around and talk. I will say that there is a nurse manager with very long brown hair who was very kind and seemed to be doing her best. Also, they may be wise not to ask for insurance information before being screened as it is against the law.