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About Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital

Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital is a care facility affiliated with the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in Bexar County, the hospital was founded in 1973.
Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital is the largest hospital in San Antonio’s South Texas Medical complex with nearly 700 beds, providing a full range of inpatient, ambulatory, and rehabilitation services to veterans.
The hospital’s range of services includes mental health, physical medicine and rehabilitation, emergency and primary care services, open-heart surgery, positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and bone marrow transplantation.

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Sara Phillips

My husband is a Vietnam era disabled vet-90%. He rec'd a message to call a nutritionist about his CANCER treatment. The number he was given had a full voicemail box so he was unable to leave a message. He was then automatically connected to the operator. That message said "Your are number 19 in line waiting" , "thank you for your patience", and of course the obscene hypocrite "thank you for your service to our country, now our turn to serve you". Waited 20 minutes to just get an operator. No luck. Grossly incompetent. The VA should be ashamed of its vileness to Vets.

Peter Lowe

Very good care but the staff is very overworked, which leads to a slowdown in patient care and clerical errors which occasionally results in sloppy records and minor missed areas of caregiving.


This is one of the most well respected Veterans hospital, And all thanks to the well trained staff 24/7

san antonio Dweller

I've come to expect lower standards at VA hospitals. So as far as Veterans Hospitals are concerned...they are slightly above average. As with most VA hospitals, they serve a large area and huge population so they are consistently overcrowded and understaffed. That being said, the Audie Murphy has slightly better staffing than other places I've been. It's fine for checkups and tests and things of that nature. They do have a fairly up-to-date medical equipment. Nevertheless, you take your life in your hands if you opt for major surgical procedures here. It's not that they are staffed by the worst doctors and's just that they are overcrowded and understaffed and constantly they screw up a lot. I saw a man in the middle of a stroke get taken out of the emergency room by a highly unqualified, heavily tattooed nurse's aide, and get re-routed from immediate a clinic waiting room where he nearly died before they figured out the doctor was waiting for him in the ICU. It was the patients waiting for a stress test (myself included) who notified the hospital that he didn't belong there where he was dropped off...because he was literally dumped from a wheel chair into the chair and couldn't sit up straight when the nurse's aide left him. On another occassion, I saw a crazy nurse who looked like she was in her 80's searching the waiting room with a geiger counter and checking all of the trash bins and everyone there. Just a side note...the geiger counter was going off like crazy.

Ken Rariden

Got everything I needed done and was home in a pretty quick time