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438 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776, United States
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Consumer feedback about San Gabriel Valley Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Victor Zhang

Went to the emergency room because of stomach pain turns out it's appendicitis. Some staff are really nice.... others not so. My nurse didn't treat me well. They prepared me for surgery without my permission or consent. One dude give me a chest X-ray and said it's for FEVER, but it was for operation use! Another dude was gonna draw 4 small bottle of blood and he said he didn't know what it's for, but it w also for surgery! When the surgery doctor came, he almost harassed me to do the surgery and said I'm gonna die if i don't do surgery because my appendix might explode. AND HE SAID "I COULD HAVE WENT HOME AND HAD DINNER WITH MY FAMILY BUT I GOT A CALL AND I CAME." I mean who cares about ur family? U choose this job and this is what u do! Doctors name is Dr.Tran he is Vietnamese.(I'm not racist, just giving u all a heads up) he also said if u sign the AMA or the discharge paper "u can't sue us... I mean u can but ur not gonna win(laughing)." honestly I felt threatened by my nurse and the surgery doctor. It was like they want their money so bad. PLZ DO NOT TRUST EVERY WORD THEY SAY. THE NURSES AND DOCTORS ARE BIASED AND THEY WENT TO GET MORE MONEY SO THEY MAY WORSEN UR SITUATION. I WENT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM ONLY THEREFORE I AM NOT SPEAKING ABOUT EVERYONE IN THE FACILITY. I really hope this can help other people.

Rating: 1 /5

Jenny Smith

This hospital was a+ at one time but now unfortunately they don't care about the kind of care u get. I went in for severe back pain after 19 yes 19 back surgeries (12 ) that were performed there while being triaged the nurse Ben rolled his eyes and looked out the window the whole time I was describing my pain and letting him know I was just diagnosed with epilepsy. They attempted to fast track me while my blood pressure was 172/134 the nurse or dr gave no concern to this they attempted to give me an x-ray with no pain meds. Then the nurse came in with a Norco it was a joke like that would touch my pain. After my husband contacted Paul Garcia who is head of ER they moved me to the back where they finally got the pain under control after 3 hours. Sadly 2 weeks later I had to return again to the same hospital because my orthopedic surgeon works out of that hospital.i returned due to me hitting my tailbone (that has been broken 2 times already) against the spout in the shower my blood pressure was 177/119 the first time and 162/139 minutes later. I waited in the waiting room for 1 hour after being triaged with these numbers the Dr's didn't seem to care. Once I got to the back my nurse Anne came in hooked me up to the blood pressure machine and it was 190/153 the machine was buzzing making all kinds of noise for at least 10 minutes while I was ignored. The dr finally came in 45 minutes after I was put in a bed and after my husband called the er charge nurse because my daughter was scared I would have a seizure or a stroke with that high of blood pressure she called her dad at work. Suzie the x-ray tech was the only kind and gentle person I had that day. Dr Rico and his PA were as rude as possible. Both my experiences there I felt like Noone cared and very prejudiced against and made to be felt like only a drug seeker I'm sorry ur blood pressure explains it all and that is something u can't fake my pain was real but no one cared about my pain or wellbeing needless to say I will not b going back there

Rating: 4 /5


The nurse in the delivery room was awesome and nurse for post delivery awesome. This would have been given five stars but the night front desk in the emergency was terrible. Overall hospital stay was great.

Rating: 1 /5

Janice Bacon

CT technician is incompetent. Told him I couldn't take iodine and he still gave it to me. Had a serious allergic reaction.

Rating: 1 /5

Denise Payan

been sitting in the emergency room for 2 hours trying to get attention for my mom who's in severe pain the staff has been rude and inattentive