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(218) 751-5430


1300 Anne St NW, Bemidji, MN 56601, United States
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Consumer feedback about Sanford Bemidji Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Mohamud Mudey

Oh my god, amazing staff and service. Last night I was suffering flu and I was able to get treatment right away. Good job guys and God Bless to America. #LoveBemidji.

Rating: 4 /5

Maggie Headbird

Some of the staff are pushy i got pushed into full time breast feeding wen my husband and i wanted our baby to do bottles too because my husband wanted to feed our baby as well. Plus so i can relax too. They knew this but still pushed me into it...

Rating: 2 /5

Brett Maxwell

I do not know any one who likes the Sanford medical system. They are BIG, and inpersonal, they push you around, and have no sense of customer service. They seem to be only about profit, and not about health. However, many of the people who work there are Great! Dr Quamme, as an example is a five star doctor. He and his nurse Dee get my highest praise. I am so happy that they have stayed here in Bemidji when Sanford took over from MeritCare. I know that there were some of the best people who just did not want to work with this orginazation, and left, but the people who live here in Bemidji have little in the way of choice; it is many miles to the next hospital, so I am so happy that there are high quality providers who have stayed.

Rating: 2 /5

Jesse Kneeland

PRO's: Conveniently located. The clinic is quick to care for you. Many of the different divisions have skilled, kind and quality staff, including many doctors. They have a lot of the needed medical equipment and don't have to send you elsewhere, usually. CON's: The ER has a reputation for taking forever... depending on when you get here. If you have an appointment for surgery, bring something to keep yourself busy. I've waited with some people, and talked to others who have waited for many hours past their scheduled surgery time. Also, this place can feel more like a factory line. They get you in, get you taken care of, and get you out again in. All in a way that makes you kind of feel like just a number. After our baby was born here we asked for our families usual pediatrician, and had to ask three times. We had to keep asking because someone else kept coming, three times in 24 hours. The lady who came barely spoke english and her comments caused us to questions the validity of her being a Doctor. It was not just awkward, it was actually alarming. Especially when we had requested our normal doctor. Also, we do an altered schedule for vaccines, and didn't have the schedule and list with us. We were lectured by a staff member from India because there is so much polio or something in their country. How could we do such a thing... well, she had no idea of our family history or medical reasoning behind it.

Rating: 4 /5

Hunter Bolte

Great staff with for the most part timely services. Unfortunate though that the hospital was acquired by Sanford.