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400 W Pueblo St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA
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Consumer feedback about Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Rating: 4 /5

Corey Towne

Extremely current facility nice private room for the disabled person using it after his surgery. Almost all the nurses were extremely helpful and anytime that I asked they were presents and abundantly helpful.

Rating: 5 /5

Daddy Jacksin

My time at cottage here Was great experience. The nurses were professional and doctors were top of the line. I felt safe and everything was okay. The food was remarkable with a hyge varity to choose from. The hospital itself looks amazing and well tended to. When i had to visit my grandpa after his heart attack I was guided by a young volenteer who was a exquisite conversationalist. When I reached the room I was greeted by a staff member who was comforting him(even when we was not the nicest person). Over all my experience with cottage is one of the best

Rating: 1 /5

Tonya McAlpine

My husband has had brain surgery there, and they refuse to give him enough pain medication to make the severe pain go away so he can heal, and they let him sleep in his wet bed all night. They don't do anything he asks of them, and he feels no one is there during the night shift because they will not answer him. Terrible place. Second time. Both aweful experiences.

Rating: 5 /5

Penny Thatcher

I've eaten at Cottage Hospital several times. I know it's odd but I actually just drop in there for food. Most of the food is so healthy! I've had beets with apricots that were to die for and I've never tasted quinoa until I was visiting there. I love it! You can either sit indoors and a very lovely Cafe or you can sit outside in the sun in a gorgeous area. **11/17** Today I had quinoa and tomato, cucumber and onion salad. The quinoa was great. I was expecting my tomato, cucumber salad to be sour with vinegar. It was not but it was still wonderful.

Rating: 1 /5

J Johnson

Beware Santa Barbarians. The beloved Cottage Health Company that is touted as a company that does nothing but good is actually the most evil company that could possibly ever exist in Santa Barbara, CA. This company took great pleasure in abusing me for over 8.5 years (as an employee and patient) until I had a complete breakdown, but they didn't stop there. They even continued their harassment campaign once my doctor placed me on medical stress leave. I had lost 60 lbs, my confidence, my hair and my health aftering experiencing retaliation for reported serous racial remarks made by my co-worker. I also reported malicious rumors being spread about the sole black person in the office. This company BROKE INTO MY HOME while I was on medical leave trying to recover from the 8.5 years of harassment. They stole over 1000 pages of documentation of 8.5 years of abuses leaving behind false less damaging documentation. They stalked me using my google account tracking and hacked all of my personal and private e-mails. They paid off a doctor and had me falsely imprisoned in a psyche ward to diagnose someone without prior mental issues as "paranoid schizophrenic" so that everything they've done to me for all of these years would be overlooked. They have emptied every dropbox account that I hold that contained the documentation of what they did to me. I have a permanent lifetime injury BECAUSE of this organization, and they continue to meddle in my life though I am no longer employed with the company. Cottage Employees: Protect yourselves. Document the abuses using an execl timeline, and just know that they wlll log on to your pc to delete these logs and you can call ISD to hear that it is an error that they cannot recover. If you have damning e-mails with abuse, PRINT them and make copies and send it to loved ones because once you need the documentation, Cottage Health will stop at nothing to get it from you. That is the truth. Dear Cottage Health. I am asking that you discontinue your smear campaign on my life and stop stalking me. You guys are responsible for 9 horrible years in my life and I've completely lost my health. I have been away from your environment and remain sick because of your bullying illegal tactics. I can bring everything to light and I will as I have evidence from all illegal activities that you have committed against me this year. Leave me alone.