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Consumer feedback about Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Rating: 3 /5

Melissa Forrest

Not saying it was a horrible experience, but in honor of providing honest feedback, I just thought they could have been more pleasant. I guess in a service oriented business of being at a law firm, you come to realize that whether it's a paralegal, a nurse, or a receptionist, doctor or lawyer, each person has the option of becoming jaded and just acting like you tolerate your job and you tolerate the patients or clients whom you are paid to serve. It seems that about 9/10 of the people I met at this hospital seemed to be the type who just show up to their job and I'm grateful that they do. But it seems to me that they would enjoy their job more if they put that extra effort into it and made me believe as a patient that they also cared about me and not just their paycheck. I know days are long, and once again, I can't stress that I am grateful for the service provided and also that is why I gave a 3 star and not a 1 or a 2. But I feel like with even small amounts of effort they could be worthy of a 4 or 5 star rating. There--I'm off my soap box. Again thank you to the couple staff members who were friendly. To the rest, I wish you more happiness and fulfillment in your jobs that it appeared that I was witnessing...

Rating: 5 /5

Soraya Mofty

I would like to congratulate the new hospital management for the excellent service they are providing to the public. Recently, I had to take a family member to the hospital for a hand surgery. I was surprised and delighted to see how great the facilities are and most of all its great customer service have become. During the whole time, we were kept informed of the process. The patient was given the attention of excellent doctors ( anesthesiologist, surgeon), nurses, and the hospital staff, and it felt like being in a great private hospital. Thank you all for the wonderful job you are doing and please keep up the great job!

Rating: 1 /5

Abby Cisneros

READ THIS! FINANCIAL COUNSELOR DID DOCTORS JOB. Went in due to heavy bleeding, (Had taken 2 pregnancy tests that came positive) so my partner and I became incredibly worried. Fast forward I am in the room in tons of pain and one of the financial ladies came in to ask questions, I just let her know what I could (regarding financial matters) and she decided to take it upon herself to go check my urine, A FINANCIAL CONSULTANT, to go check my results then decide to tell me that I am not pregnant. Complete MALPRACTICE. I started to cry thinking I lost my baby and not even the doctor told me but some women. Shortly after the nurse came in saying how they're going to test my blood work to see I was pregnant and I let her know that a woman came in and told me I wasn't already. She then told me that the woman was incorrect and basically caused me to cry and panic for NO REASON since my blood wasn't even tested. Oh also got charged over 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS for that. Like a 20 year old has that kind of money to pay in 90 days.

Rating: 5 /5

Rene' Hawes

My 82 yr old husband fell 5 ft. off a retaining wall and was taken by ambulance to the closest trauma center, arriving Christmas evening around 7pm from Soquel. We live in Upland (S. CA and had been moving our daughter from their old house of 20+ years to their new home the past week), so are from out of town. I am a retired ICU and flight nurse so when I say the paramedic crew was OUTSTANDING and the trauma team amazing at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center- it comes from someone that knows and is very critical of how a patient is dealt with, communication within the team, the team work, speed, responsiveness while still staying in complete communication with patient. They were very professional, knowledgable, attentive in every way and yet very kind in how they spoke and handled my husband. We went from there to ER where we waited for results of scans and X-rays. We were not released till around 10pm so I watched patients come and go and how the group working in the ER were also excellent. Emily was his nurse but Esther was VERY attentive and kind when Emily was busy with other admissions and the male nurse was particularly sweet - had been in the trauma room as well - great sense of humor and great voice for Christmas carols. Alan helped dismiss Ken and was kind enough to remove the tape slowly with alcohol to loosen the tape as Ken has overly sensitive skin and is allergic to tapes. This seems like a trifle matter (especially for a trauma nurse!!) but believe me, to Ken it was HUGE!!. Alan was VERY personable and professional. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Priscilla Pizano

Nurses/front desk are freakin horrible! You can tell they dislike there job. One of the front desk at labor and delivery were so rude ! We had just got there for visiting a patient in labor . They told us we had to wait because someone was in there already and they only allowed two at a time, which is totally understandable since the flu season this year has gotten worse but how you say things are different, she said it with attitude to my grandparents! Than my grandpa said if he can let someone in there know that there here so they can come out ? She said NO! SOMEONE IS IN THERE, YOU HAVE TO WAIT ! I was so angry how she said it to someone so elderly and kind ? If you don’t like your job since it seems that way, than by all means ... find a job that makes you happy ? Because I’m working my ass off to become a nurse /front desk. And you don’t appreciate your job at all, trust me when I say someone else that’s better and cares about people and are kind will happily take your job! NOT ONLY DID that happen but in building K on the 3rd floor , there was also nurses there talking about a patient and not very nice things either, more of negative things ! How are you going to talk about a patient? In front of other patients ? That’s just horrible services . Don’t get me wrong it’s not ALL nurses that work here, some are very genuine and helpful and care about you. But some of the others give all nurses a BAD NAME !