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6002 Berryhill Rd, Milton, FL 32570, USA
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Consumer feedback about Santa Rosa Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5


I had out patient surgery there. Everyone was so so nice . The nurses , the anesthesiologist and the anesthesiologist nurse were so attentive and accommodating. It was the best surgical experience I have ever had and I am a big pain in the butt chicken. My doctor was amazing !!

Rating: 1 /5


Wow. This place should be targeted by an undercover sting operation. They're absolutely terrible. They DON'T check on you in your room, the doctors DON'T come and speak with you personally for longer than 60 seconds maximum. They DON'T go over test results in the hospital, the doctors seem far more interested in funneling you into their private practices than they are doing diagnostics to target the symptoms that brought you into the hospital in the 1st place. They're in this to get rich; it's evident. What does that mean? They DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU HERE AT SANTA ROSA MEDICAL HOSPITAL. Unless you have a broken bone, or something easily identifiable, do NOT expect these people to go the extra-mile. They'll disappoint.

Rating: 5 /5

Kimmy Kimmons

They were just so sweet to my 1 year old while trying to make sure it wasn't a bad experience for him. They were gentle and loving and tried to be very quick so I did not have a cranky toddler. Love them!

Rating: 1 /5

Mack Fambrough

The main hospital is fine. The E.R. is a totally different story. The E.R. staff don't care about you. You will wait forever before seeing the doctor, and you will have to repeat your reason for the visit at least 4 times. Get in before 4:00 PM, otherwise you won't leave until midnight.

Rating: 1 /5

Fonda Spence

My post was deleted because it wasn’t favorable. My son passed a small kidney stone as he was checking into ER early one Monday morning. The 2 hours in ER with a cat scan and a nice lady doctor stopping by the door to say hi was over $15,000. UNTIL THE INSURANCE COMPANIES & MEDICAL INDUSTRIES ARE CONTROLLED WE WILL ALL BE VICTIM. BERNIE!!!!!!!!!