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1165 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95405, USA
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Consumer feedback about Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Hua Su

A dog bite me at Jan 25th 6pm. And then policemen save me and then send me to this hospital. The doctors and nurses treated on me very quickly and gave me a tetanus shot and pain relief pill . they're look like my family people. I took off the fear after then. I'm very very appreciate for them. They have high efficiency and warm love to customer.

Rating: 5 /5

M Garcia

My experience with Memorial over the years has always been as an outsider looking in. Visiting friends, comforting them etc... Last week that all changed when my wife was rushed to the ER. Everyone in the ER was caring and helpful. My wife was admitted to the third floor unit. Everyone caring for my wife were gentle, loving, caring, and professional. I also want to praise the Hospice team who helped me through the difficult process of end of life descions. Medicine as grace.

Rating: 1 /5

Jill Schoenfeld White

I would give their ER zero if could post with a zero. I hadn't been to an ER since I was 39 years old and am 71, because have always called our PCP but it was the start of the New Years Eve weekend, and I didn't like the Sutter PCP who took over my long term PCP's practice at the Stony Circle office and didn't realize that I couldn't make an appointment directly with a neurologist since my husband's former employer offered UHC PPO Senior Advantage for the first time last Jan 2016 and a number of St Joseph's docs are on their list, and my husband knows one very kind woman PCP in the Annadel group who I was planning to try to change to for my PCP, but after my ER experience compared to going to Sutter's ER 2 days later, I feel forced to stay in Sutter. My husband tried to take me first to the Annadel Urgent Care Clinic near where we live. The very kind doc and the office manager both said that the ER would help us since they aren't allowed to give Tramadol. I was in excruciating pain from a failed lapband surgery that caused my lower esophageal sphincter to never close again. The only RX I can take, Tramadol is 1/2 opioid and 1/2 a SNRI antidepressant. The young woman who was the triage nurse was excellent and just asked questions about what conditions I had that caused me to be there, plus she had a very pleasant demeanor. As soon as the young woman ER Doc came in the room she accused me of being a drug addict and refused to give me any pain med or even listen to the real reasons I was there on a Sat, so I was in living torture until after went to Sutter Med Center on Monday. I screamed that I was going to commit suicide as I was in agonizing pain and had been for 48 hours already. The male nurse who assisted the doc in the room was heartless and cruel. The doc just left without even saying that she wasn't coming back, and never gave us discharge papers and after another long, long agonizing wait the male nurse with absolutely no compassion brought in 1 tramadol which lasts about 4 hours. I had been prescribed Tramadol for 7 years by 3 of the top leader doctors in Sutter in S. Rosa, as I have an incurable condition and am in intractable pain and a senior. But Santa Rosa Memorial didn't have my records like Sutter has. It was the worst day of my life as another reviewer said. I have had severe migraines my whole life and can't even drink a few sips of wine or take an OTC cold medicine pills or the antidepressant Wellbutrin without getting severe migraines. The ER doc said "Haven't we seen you here before?" saying in other words that I was a drug addict coming to ERs for my habit. We were Sutter only patients in HMOs going back to when Sutter bought Novato Community Hospital where I was a volunteer and medical assistant in some of the docs offices right next to the hospital. The dosage I have taken for 7 years wouldn't satisfy a drug addict - I actually get severe depression from the 1/2 of the drug that is similar to Cymbalta, and Cymbalta withdrawal is living hell in my whole body while my whole esophagus was on fire. Tramadol only became scheduled in 2014 for the exact reasons I went to the ER - the horrible withdrawal which starts after taking a very short time after going only 6 hours without a dose that is labeled by the FDA therapeutic only. It is Schedule 1V which the FDA stated, until Fascist Dictators took office, had little chance for abuse and can be prescribed in the same amount I have always been prescribed with up to 5 refills. The new Dictatorship's DEA/FDA printout on Tramadol that the pharmacist gave me, is medical fiction, completely non scientific lies about TramadoI, to try to scare potential drug addicts from using it. I felt forced to stay in Sutter where there are many excellent PCPs; I just happened to have been stuck with the worst and had to go to their ER on Monday because all the doctors were taking a holiday since New Years was on Sunday.

Rating: 1 /5

Jamil Allati

Been sitting in the waiting room over 4 hours not even an update from anyone they don't even acknowledge any patients. My 5 years old son sick and been in my arms for over 4 hours now. No care what so ever by the way iam writing this while still waiting in the lobby this hospital should be called waiting room not emergency room. If I was sick I would have left but because it's my 5 years old son we have to wait....

Rating: 3 /5

zaidoon murad

Well I don't know if that okay or not , the pain is killing me , and I was in the ER since 3am and now 7am and I haven't seen by doctor yet . I don't know what is the benefit of visiting ER . It m more than five hrs and I am still waiting. I called them 3 time and the doctor doesn't com .