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Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
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3 out of 5 stars

Echo Marriott
Echo Marriott

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I recently gave birth and had to take my baby to memorial for some blood work on Friday because one of his blood tests was abnormal. Long story short they didn’t follow the directions given by our pediatrician for the blood draw so we had to go back in the next day. We went back to do the blood draw again and few hours later we got a call from our pediatrician that the blood draw would have to be done yet again because memorial didnt follow the directions.

We will not be going back here ever again for anything and definitely will not be recommending them to anyone. They can send us a bill but we will be mailing it right back to them.

Kathryn Cervantes
Kathryn Cervantes

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

My family and I were treated like absolute trash last Christmas as my mom spent a week here with the flu. We were verbally abused by the nurses from the moment we set foot in the ER. I couldn’t believe how aggressive they were. I am a registered nurse myself and couldn’t fathom treating my patients or their families the way mine was treated by these people. Abuse is against the law in healthcare and you can lose your licensure/get sued for it. Apparently they are unaware of this. I should have reported them after mom got out but we just wanted to forget what happened and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Do not put your loved ones through the abuse you will most likely endure here. Go somewhere more professional like Sutter.

Lisa White
Lisa White

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

If I could give this hospital 0 stars, I would. Please, take caution if you're planning to be/ are currently admitted here. My decision to use the neurosurgeon that brought me here has cost me yrs of constant pain & diminished quality of life.
It all started when I was told by Dr. Brian Pereira I needed an ACDF (Anterior Cervical discectomy & fusion) @ the C4-5 levels. I was told it would be a 1 time- 1 day stay in the hospital type of surgery. It ended up being 3 SURGERIES & a 3-WEEK STAY in HOSPITAL, including 2 3-DAY STINTS in ICU!
I awoke from the first surgery in such excruciating pain in my neck & down my arm, (literally a 13 on the pain scale!), & they discovered during a CT that he'd forgotten to screw down a couple of screws in my metal plate! I had to go right back in that day for surgery #2 for him to correct the mistake; thus, the 1st stint in ICU. Keep in mind, Everytime they perform this surgery, everything in the front of my neck needed to be pulled aside, including my carotid artery, vocal chords, (Which, btw, have been damaged. My voice has never been the same since & I was a singer), etc..
The 3rd surgery, that occurred 9 days later, was the fault of a male nurse/orderly @ this hospital & the hospital itself for not properly training their staff. He decided to adjust me upwards in bed on his own rather than getting/waiting for another nurse/orderly to help on the other side, as was the case previous times. I asked him if we should wait & informed him that there was usually 1 person on each side of me; to which he responded "no, it's ok. I can handle it; & resulted in a loud & very painful cracking & popping sound & feeling in my neck. Another CT ultimately revealed the nurse/orderly, that "could handle it," had pulled out my plate & screws! Thank God I was wearing a hard cervical collar as he could have paralyzed me! Dr. Pereira was unsuccessful in replacing my plate & screws. I was ultimately left wearing a hard cervical collar for 1 yr & a soft collar for 6 mos. more while my bones fused.
All of these mistakes & surgeries have left me with ongoing & constant pain in my neck, shoulders, arms & hands, w/ numbness & tingling in my arms & hands to this day, due to nerve damage, 7+ yrs later.
Dr. Pereira offered me nothing for my severe pain, suffering & immense inconvenience, (I had 2 small children at the time), except an apology & that was to my husband, not me. Memorial Hospital offered me nothing but life-long disabled parking, stating that I will surely need it for the rest of my life & still do to this day. Even though both entities knew they were at fault, a settlement was never offered. I was in so much pain & was very drugged, that it didn't cross my mind @ the time, not much did except intense pain & wanting to go home, understandably, as it had been an unexpected 3 wks.
I looked into suing both Dr. Pereira & the hospital, but was greatly discouraged when I was told I would need to put up $4,000 just to start a case against them. At the time, he & then my pain management doctor had me on so many pain killers for so long, I wasn't really able to advocate for myself, so I just left it alone as I didn't have the $4,000 & could no longer work. I still can't work; I can't & haven't driven since that fateful time in the hospital, either. I spend a lot of my time at doctor, physical therapy & pain management appts. that it has basically become the focus of my life. I was in great shape before the surgeries, but can no longer exercise due to pain. My quality of life has gone down the toilet. I wish I'd never let him touch me &/or had the surgeries performed at Memorial hospital.
Please, consider this review before staying @ this hospital. Let me be your cautionary tale.
P.S. To add insult to injury, my new, expensive pajamas that were bought specifically for my "1-night" stay were stolen from me there. Keep tabs on your belongings!

Cindy Amador
Cindy Amador

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Worst Hospital, nurses are so rude, they don't care about the patient's or family, I had to wait 1 hour to know if my mom was ok after a car accident, but they did have time to drink Coffe ,when I finally was able to get in, my mom was in a lot of pain out side waiting for a room.

Jamie L
Jamie L

1 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

Not a good hospital were the hospital hires and allows a Mickey Mouse Security services like Allied Universal Security unprofessionals to protect your safety.

I met Justin (Day Supervisor- Allied Universal Security) in the afternoon. He stated that a Graveyard Night Supervisor from Allied Universal Security assaulted an asleep patient by searching them inappropriately while the Pt slept.
What creep.

Which is wrongful for Security guard to do this as it is a commission of an offence of Battery.
It wasn't warranted and this Allied Universal Security Supervisor had committed these sorted offences and others numerous times and got away with it.

Finally the Allied Universal Security Supervisor on Graveyard shift was turned in by one of the other incompetent other Allied Universal Security Guards.
After the staff and Head office ignored his past offences.

I am surprised the Pt family has not found out and sued Memorial Hospital and the Allied Universal Security.
I know they will try and hide it and cover it up.
Just look at the videos of there staff on YouTube. Unprofessional and thug like misconduct

I met Justin (Day Security Supervisor- Allied Universal Security) and was interviewed by Justin.
After being sent by the main Allied Universal Security office to Memorial Hospital.

Justin (Day Security Supervisor- Allied Universal Security) offered me a Graveyard Security Supervisor position to replace the above situation.
Due to my Military service background and Law enforcement and Security background.
It turned out to be a lie. For him to offer me the position.

There staff lies, supervisor lie, Company lies to there clients. All in the name of business.

The Hr Manager Megan, Operations manager Larry, Management lie and are blind and ignorant and Supervisors have no integrity.
Very dishonest and unprofessional.

The main company has no professionalism or integrity. Dishonesty is how this company functions.
Just have a look at the company Google and Indeed reviews that speaks volumes.
Even the videos on YouTube.
Sexual Harassment by this Company to female Allied Universal Security Supervisors at JFK Airport Oct 2017.
This will tell you what a sleazy company this is.

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