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About Scenic Mountain Medical Center

Scenic Mountain Medical Center is a community health care provider serving patients in Howard County, the facility holds 146 licensed beds.
Scenic Mountain Medical Center is DNV accredited and provides emergency care with a 24/7 level IV Trauma Center, the main features specialties for the hospital are Breast Care, Heart & Lung Care, Maternity Services, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Podiatry, in addition to a wide range of specialties and supportive services including Radiology Center, onsite Laboratory, Behavioral Health, Wound Care, Surgical Services, Rehabilitation Services, and outpatient clinics.

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Hospital Type
  • Acute Care Hospitals

ICU Beds 8

Licensed Beds 150

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0.283105 Rating 2.4
(57 reviews)

Wendy McEntire

Went to the E.R. Last night at about 630. Intake was very fast and competent. When I got to my room, the nurse, nurse practitioner, X-ray techs, and lab techs were all very professional and fast. I was treated and discharged in about 2 hours. I spoke to the nurse about all the negative reviews, and they said that the hospital had been bought out, and had a lot of changes done for the better. I was thoroughly satisfied with my visit.

Laura Hale

If you have any other option, GO Somewhere Else! Chavez misdiagnosed my child and said multiple times "You have insurance, so We'll do this". Howard (ENT) recommended an abrasive procedure that was not necessary for the money instead of doing a follow-up. Labor and Delivery, nurse had me walk to my room at 9cm. ER is decent if you get a good doctor but I saw them turn a child away with a 103 temperature to help a junkie. The ladies who do the in-patient are rude, do not expect them to care. For the sake of your children and family, GO TO A BETTER FACILITY.

patty kirkpatrick

Everyone from the people who clean my room to emergency staff who are superb and ICU staff who I love and miss them, they got me better quickly and out onto the floor with a great sweet professional staff. Dr Byzumbo and Dr Lewis are fantastic life savers thank you everyone my experience with this hospital was a calm and lovely experience.

Diedra Edgett

This place is a joke. What kind of place sits and makes fun of people for trying to get help. How shameful of them all. So if this person who went to get help hurts there self and dies shame on you people. You are doctors who are supposed to be helping someone and laugh at them...

Karla Requena

I’m pregnant and I went to this hospital because I was feeling so bad when I got there and I was explaining to the Doc what I was feeling he was like he did understand anything they did whatever they want but never help me with the pain I was having. I’m definitely not having my baby in that hospital where no baby knows what they are doing.