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Consumer feedback about Schuylkill Medical Center - East Norwegian Street

Kelly L.
Kelly L.

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

Got completely forgotten about the entire visit. Got there at 7:30pm. Took 30 mins for them to take my urine, another 30 to take my blood, and then went nearly four hours with no updates or check-ins by absolutely anyone despite nurses and doctors constantly walking by the triage room they put me in. I was never spoken to by anyone about my results and didn’t find out what the cause of my pain was until 12:15am from the sonographer when I was taken into the ultrasound room. It took until 2am for me to be dismissively given papers for aftercare. Doctors and nurses were rude and condescending and didn’t want to give me any answers, didn’t even tell me when I could leave and gave me attitude when I asked if I could go. Their level of care and hospitality is nonexistent. This hospital is horrible and I’d never go here again unless it was literally the only option I had. It should not take almost SEVEN HOURS just to be given one piece of paper and told to call my family physican on Monday.

harley yemm
harley yemm

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Horrible service.
Went to ER. Sat in the waiting room for 1 your. Finally got triaged where they took my vitals, gave a urine sample, and blood. Was told when a room opened, I would b getting a IV, an ultrasound, and catscan.
So ack to the waiting room I went. About 20 mins later got put in a room, Sat there and Sat there and didn't see anyone for 5 hours. Finally had enough and walked out. With NO answers. Not even from my bloodwork or urine. Never got my IV or other testing.

R Souhait
R Souhait

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Looking at other reviews, my experience is probably not a big surprise. Do NOT go to this hospital if there is anything wrong with you. I've had several horrible experiences. First was my grandmother. She had a major stroke and when we took her in to this hospital the ER tried to play it off as a urinary tract infection and send her home. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? " Nope! We demanded tests and (big surprise) something was very wrong. She had a MAJOR stroke. This ER can't tell a urinary tract infection vs a stroke? If you are forced to use this ER, DEMAND things be done. Demand tests, procedures, etc. If something doesn't seem right, demand demand demand. The nurses and doctors are very rude. They will only cater to people who 'cause a fuss' when they misdiagnose.

Another experience I had here was my own. One year I had a particularly horrible case of the flu. Just afterwards I began to have a migraine. Which... Did. Not. Go. Away. If you know anything about migraines, you know they are debilitating. I couldn't eat, sleep, or work. It was the WORST week of my life. The pain