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7400 E Osborn Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA
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Consumer feedback about Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

Don Riegler

The staff were outstanding. I was actually surprised at the amount of empty beds through our visit. My wife had spent three days here and she said the food was outstanding. Nurses took very good care of her. For her second procedure, I was there with her and this is some pictures of the room just after the room was prepared for her. I am shocked. Would be 5 stars but feel the lack of cleanliness for a hospital procedure room was unacceptable. I also noticed the picture of the two laptop computers that were in the procedure room was removed from my post somehow. There were two laptop computers with a plexiglass overlay and you can tell they have never been cleaned. I would be embarrassed too.

Rating: 1 /5

LiLi luv light

I recently was admitted for surgery and was very underwhelmed by the nursing staff on the 5th floor: They were not very attentive. My first nurse when i was first brought up to my room lacked warmth and hardly checked in on me. I was in a lot of pain and all he could say is “ i don’t know...” He was not very comforting. My bedding was all over the place. When he did come in my room, he seemed like he was in a rush to somewhere. My overnight nurse was a little bit better. She seemed to care about my pain levels. My morning nurse was okay, but she kept Forgetting things when it came Time to remove my catheter. Thank god i only spent one night, the staff just lack genuine warmth and care. There was hardly any communication and I felt like a number and not a patient. I will say the nurses who cared for me prior to my surgery were wonderful, awesome bedside manner.

Rating: 5 /5

Cody Dryer

I had a hernia repair done and the are awesome. Very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very careful. I was nervous going into surgery but the staff was comforting and assuring which helped my nerves.

Rating: 5 /5

Jams Crafts

Even though it was very busy in the emergency room of this hospital , the staff watched out for us. Emergency room, John, was the nurse who did the 1st trauma assessment , was the floor nurse watching out for mom in ER, then took us up to her room for overnight evaluation. Such good care deserves praise . Thanks to ER Nurse, John, we had a more cohesive experience even though they were very busy and our visit took over 4 hours . Thanks John !

Rating: 1 /5

Alec Mccrady

Sadly all the good experiences have been nullified by our last visit. The ER, neurosurgeon and the entire support staff are wonderful. Go to the ER. It is top notch. Do your best not to be admitted