Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center Rating
131 reviews
3.5 Rating
131 reviews
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Special Care Services

  • Intensive Care Unit

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Department


  • Arthroscopy
  • Joint Replacement
  • Spine Surgery


  • Cardiac Cath Lab
  • Coronary Interventions
  • Vascular Intervention

Radiology / Nuclear Medicine / Imaging

  • Computed Tomography
  • Computed Tomography-Angiography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography


  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Surgery Services

  • Inpatient Surgery
  • Robotic Surgery

Neuroscience Services

  • Sleep Studies


  • Lithotripsy
  • Hemodialysis

Need your medical records from Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center?


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We contact healthcare providers on your behalf


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Emergency Service Available


Group Service


Hospital Type
  • Acute Care Hospitals
Control Type
  • Voluntary Nonprofit
  • Other
Total Staffed Beds 120
Total Discharges


Total Patient Days


Total Patient Revenue


TPS Quality Score 47 Rating
131 reviews

Terri Morrissey

I was most impressed that every person on my care team took time, without me asking, to explain what to expect next. I found this very calming and reassuring. My nurse, Katie, made sure I was comfortable and gave me time frames for tests and procedures. She was great. Also Caroline performed a echocardiogram with great care for my comfort...and Glenn too was awesome. Thank you all most sincerely!

Pete Williams

This organization is very professional; efficient; friendly; but most of all top of the line when it comes to orthopedic care. I had a total hip replacement; was in one day and out the next. From the first person (at reception) to discharge everyone, and I mean everyone, had a positive and helpful attitude. We are so lucky in this country to have this kind of health care available to us. The information that they provide you throughout the process is complete and 100% helpful; it is a guide to recovery. One thing we all think about when we go into the hospital is cleanliness. Honor Health is spotless; and everyone is on task to keep it that way. This was a 100% positive surgery for me.

Meli Owen

What happened to the awesome staff and delivery of care here?!..I used to be 100% confident that when I walked into Thompson peak hospital I was in good hands and would be taken care of. Now they rate about as low as PV Abrazzo in diagnosis, patient delivery, discovery, stabilization and P.OC..... I in part believe this is due to the bundled payments, low reimbursement (resulting in the hospital taking a loss to treat a patient and put patients health, safety, loss of use of limbs or and disease aside and choose to throw them back on the street ...THERE IS A NON DUMPING LAW... ) and partially due to Medicare incentives for "show empathy, don't treat just street them" 2,500 for every admission, 1,500 bonus for every empathy, referral and street..and lastly due to the recent rotation of the ER docs. .now the good ones are gone...(EXCEPT DR DEBARTOLO..IF THAT MANS HANDS WEREN'T TIED BY SUB STANDARD HOSPITAL PRACTICES MEDICARE PENALTIES AND INCENTIVES TO DO THE LEAST POSSIBLE AND SUB STANDARD LEVELS OF CARE HE WOULD HAVE HELPED ME IN A NEW YORK MINUTE. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS SIR). I was seen there several times for a very complex shoulder injury that each time I went back was worse...I had been to all of the specialists the ER drs referred me to and they said they didn't know what to do go back to the ER....this has repeatedly happened and to date I still have the same injuries getting worse after over 35,000 later... there's much more to this pathetic story...but THE MESSAGE IS AS CLEAR AS A LOT OF THE OTHER ONES ON HERE..UNLESS YOU HAVE AN INSURANCE POLICY THAT PAYS OUT HIGH REIMBURSEMENTS YOU WILL NOT GET THE SAME CARE AS THE PERSON IN THE NEXT ROOM WITH A HANGNAIL... HONOR HEALTH..YOU GET A DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE (JUST LIKE YOU DO TO US WHO COME TO YOU FOR HELP AND YOU HAVE NO REGARD FOR THE OUTCOME OF US WHO AT ONE POINT TRULY TRUSTED YOUR PROMPT RESPONSIVENESS AND COMMITMENT TO THE PATIENT...I HAVE 3 CLOSING LETTERS FOR YOU VILE RATS...WHERE IS YOUR MORALS, ETHICS AND DUTY TO ACT?.

Amy Drager

Always amazing care and the best doctors and staff. Highly reccomend.

darlene price

Great care...good food...poor WiFi