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Consumer feedback about Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla

Rating: 1 /5

Devan Maingot

Utter garbage. I went in with chest pain and an inability to breathe. The staff just laid me in a bed for several hours, then came back and said my x ray was clear, so I could leave. No CT, nothing. The doctor chalked it up to anxiety even though I wasn't anxious at all. He dismissed me despite my protests, and as it turns out, I do indeed have a breathing disorder (diagnosed elsewhere, by competent doctors). They charged me $6,000 for absolutely nothing. To the people at this hospital: LISTEN TO YOUR PATIENTS. If a person insists they aren't feeling a certain way, entertain the possibility that they really aren't. You're not gods. You're pathetic.

Rating: 5 /5

sarah smith

I had my daughter here and it was the best experience ever. We were all treated like family and everyone was warm and comforting. The nurses totally pampered us and a couple weeks after we got home, they emailed and called to make sure the experience was exceptional, which it was.

Rating: 2 /5

David Beaton

Scripps missed its annual budget by $20 million last year. It sounds like it was a wake-up call... The management needs major improvement. They need major restructuring in every aspect of the organization. CEO "We've got to shift our organizational structures around to be able to deal with the new world of health care delivery, find ways of lowering our costs significantly,” Van Gorder said. “If we don't, we will not be able to compete.” Scripps Health reorganization to include layoffs and needed asap... Scripps Hospital is among the facilities affected by a reorganization plan underway at parent company Scripps Health Scripps Health will pursue layoffs in 2018 as part of a reorganization strategy that emphasizes lower costs and greater reliance on caring for patients outside of its five hospitals. In a recent memo to all of the health system’s 15,000 employees and 3,000 affiliated doctors, Chris Van Gorder, Scripps’ chief executive officer, says that cuts are necessary to remain competitive in a health care world where health insurance companies increasingly consider low prices as a main factor in contracting and patients are more often shopping around for services as deductibles increase.

Rating: 1 /5

Andrew Fear

At approximately 6:45pm this past - we got a phone call from dad's house. The fire department called over because my father's house ADT alarm going off. They stated they can't leave him alone because of memory issues (not sure what day/month it is or what he did today) and liability issues for city, so will take him to hospital. I called Scripps La Jolla and reached the ER nurse. I explained that he has no ride home, no one is in the house, and he has dementia. I also explained that I had a flight to San Diego from Texas and could be at the hospital at 1pm to receive him. The nurse said they would have a discharge plan. The next day I called my house at 6am and no one picked up. I called Scripps La Jolla and the ER nurse told me that they had released him at 11:30pm the night before and he had received a ride home from your service. I have security cameras at my dad's house and checked the video files. I saw my dad walk up to his door at approximately 12:15am, attempt to get in the house and fail. I then saw him walk away and re-attempt entry two more times at 2:30am and 5:30am. I called a family friend at around 6am Pacific Time who was able to locate him in the backyard. Words do NOT express my anger and frustration at the care my father received under Scripps Memorial La Jolla supervision. There was no after care plan to ensure my father got home and into his house.

Rating: 5 /5

Tim Colling

A family member was recently treated at this facility, both in the Emergency Department and then later on an inpatient basis. The medical care that she received was excellent, the staff were all very professional yet caring and warm, and the facility itself is very clean, modern and fresh. If you have to go to the hospital, this one is a great choice!