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Consumer feedback about Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla

Brianna Wray
Brianna Wray

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

ER was the best I’ve been to. No wait, super super friendly staff, and the ER doctor was the best I’ve ever had. I’ve had some of the absolute worst experiences in the ER and coming here was the best decision I’ve made.

Channel Hyman
Channel Hyman

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I work here and patient safety is always first priority. We are a Magnet Accredited facility for excellence in nursing.

Andrew Workman
Andrew Workman

4 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

I'll rate this hospital 4 stars only even though the head surgeon saved my life because I was unfortunately hit and knocked down by a damn suv driver.. the paramedics picked me up asap I heard then I got life flighted to this hospital and boom got my head surgery cause I had a big hemorrhage in my brain.. the only thing I dislike is the damn medical bills for this...

c H
c H

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

Here on business and unfortunately my Cystinuria flared up. I have a rare genetic disorder characterized by the buildup of the amino acid cystine, a building block of most proteins, in the kidneys and bladder. Normal kidneys filter blood to create urine, cystine is normally absorbed back into the bloodstream. People with cystinuria cannot properly reabsorb cystine into their bloodstream, so the amino acid accumulates in their urine creates cystine stones. It is super rare and has caused me over 150 kidney stones since childhood. Multiple surgical procedures and stents.

First I would like to say the place is very clean, having been to many ER’s, luckily only a few ICU’s but I can say this facility is modern comfortable and every machine is new; even the blood pressure cuffs are nice. Sorry I nerd out on this stuff. Sometimes I wonder in some healthcare settings why the people chose to go into healthcare. Dr. Deitch was efficient, friendly, and I could tell from listening and watching he would be great to work with.

This hospital I would trust with serious issues. The doctor is exactly the type I like; An alpha male but nice and polite at same time. He seems in control and knowledgeable. I like and have had great care from all types of doctors and NP’s women and men both great but you can tell this doctor is meant to work in the high paced fast environment he is in. PA’s are a different story have had bad experiences with them so happy I was seen by a doctor. My nurse is from the south and was very serious attentive and nice. To me one of the ways to easily judge if a nurse is nurturing or caring is if they offer a blanket. It is a simple quick way to make someone comfortable and many nurses think they are above the basics and she wasn’t. She asked and brought me a warm nice blanket. It is a simple way to make you feel more comfortable when you are cold and in pain and with the bright lights and loud noises it makes you feel comfortable and believe it or not I would say about 50% of nurses don’t offer or bring you one.

My best friend is a nurse practitioner at an ER in Massachusetts and I hear it all!! So I understand how many annoying crazy patients there are she doesn’t tell me names or anything but boy oh boy there are some real crazy people out there and drug seekers but as a person with legitimate life long intermittent episodic painful kidney stone episodes I really appreciate when I don’t feel like I am being grilled as a drug seeker. And this place comes from a place of trust and obviously they are professionals they can tell with high blood pressure from pain and blood traces in urine and records in file I am sure from urologists and nephrologist if you are real. But I have had places that even know my urologist who still are combative and or take too long with pain relief. What I have found is if I get ahead of the pain quickly I need much less of it. My cousin is a doctor and so is her husband and My best friend’s bf is a trauma surgeon so I hear about stuff a lot and they all have researched my condition so i have a good support system but I have dealt with ER’s who treat you so poorly and just create a culture where like in school one bad apple ruins the bunch but this facility is a center of excellence and they even walked me out to my Uber. I don’t review many places because I have had this my whole life and work in healthcare sales myself as a community liaison for Medicare part C referrals so you sort of once you know a lot of nurses doctors and places you can get bitter and sum people up quickly like they do to patients but this place is not that place. So I felt moved to give a great review. Dr. Deitch and his team were the best. Wish I lived in this area I would make this healthcare system my home base. Although I like my urologist very much in Colorado the ER attaches is hit or miss.

C Wah
C Wah

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Be careful!!! Dishonest billing? Balance billing patients? With a protruding jugular vein while on vacation I called my insurance company to find an in network provider. On my way there, I called Scripps Hospital directly and verified I would receive in network care as well. My husband also called Scripps from his cell and verified I would receive in network care.

I just received a bill for $833 bc apparently Scripps Hospital (in my network) assigned me a doctor who is not in my network outside my knowledge or approval.

Dr Gromis, apparently accepts Medicare but not Blue Cross.

The contracted amount for my care is $250. My co-pay $25. And I am billed $833. I have paid the doctor the $275 and am told I still owe because they are a different provider from the hospital.

I called billing. I called the hospital. Conveniently, the doctor doesn’t have an office that I can locate. This is a “typical practice”, assigning out of network MDs without informing the ER patient. Protruding jugular at 2AM and I verified 2x prior to arrival care would be in network.

Please contact me Scripps. Seems pretty simple the MD should accept the contracted amount. No one intended this to happen.

Will update if resolved- but Stay away- deceptive insurance practices. And no one replies or cares so far.

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