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Consumer feedback about Scripps Mercy Hospital

May R
May R

3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I gave birth to my first baby here. Staff was incredibly kind and everything went smoothly. One of the night shift nurses encouraged breastfeeding almost aggressively while the morning shift was more versatile and offered actual help instead of just being yelled at for struggling with the latch. The other problem we have is that this hospital made a mistake with my daughters birth certificate and wrote the wrong gender. Had a huge issue reverting it back and now my daughter’s birth certificate is 2 pages long... when I took the hospital tour they told me a person was going to come pick up the birth certificate information and review it with me but nobody picked it up on my last day I had to ask around where I should go drop off the paperwork and then they made that mistake..

princessfanatic duh
princessfanatic duh

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Terrible hospital and staff. My car flipped over several times and the doctors at the trauma clinic told me I can go back to work in ten days with a punctured lung and two fractured ribs. The staff is rude, the rooms are filthy and if your black they treat you like garbage. Stay away from this hospital. They told me to take ibuprofen for my injuries. I’m in constant pain all day and night.

Brandi Chavez
Brandi Chavez

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

I came in here because of the high star rating as compared to other emergency rooms. We were given a bed quickly, but after that it was a waiting game all day. It took forever for xrays to come back, they put the wrong size blood pressure cup on my MIL so it took an inaccurate reading, and instead of wasting more of my time by sending the order to their pharmacy, they give you paper prescriptions to go fill yourself. Now we are waiting to be discharged and still have to wait to get the prescriptions. The staff was nice but the girl that helped us seemed like she had no clue about anything. She couldn’t answer any questions about my MIL x rays or even tell me where the pharmacy was. After going to Rady’s I guess I’m spoiled and need to find a similar emergency room for adults. Oh and there was no where for the family members to rest except a rolling stool for 4-6 hours!

Rev. Dr. Will Green
Rev. Dr. Will Green

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Scripps Mercy Hillcrest hospital had to pay me $100,000 for nearly killing me in a medical malpractice chemotherapy mistake several years ago. Unfortunately they have not gotten any better.... in fact in my opinion they are worse than ever.

I have chronic heart trouble and have been taken there several times for cardiac emergencies. Their ER staff is burned out, rude, inconsiderate, uncompassionate and inept. Perhaps (like at UCSD) they are burned out and callous because they have had to deal with all the dysfunctional homeless mentally ill drug addicts and alcoholics. They certainly cannot tell the wheat from the chaff and treat everybody terribly.. and this is a Sisters of Mercy facility? God help us!

This week I was taken there following an unconscious head injury from a car vs pedestrian (me) accident. My care in the trauma emergency room was very good, but when I was transferred to the old and dirty 10th floor trauma unit everything went downhill fast. No pillow, no socks, no water, no Kleenex, almost no staff help, and worst of all, despite being very injured and with a head injury, I was put in a double room with a dysfunctional patient in the other bed... When what I needed was dark and quiet, which was impossible..

Nursing staff and the (student?) resident trauma doc ignored my pleas and requests and my medical needs, and so I ended up signing out against medical advice to go home to get some peace and quiet and rest.

To top it all off, after I signed the AMA discharge papers, my nurse Jessica refused to transport me in my injured condition to the front door in a wheelchair so I could catch a Lyft ride home. Another more compassionate nurse came with a wheelchair and assisted me in getting to the front door.

Bottom line this is a malpractice prone hospital headed for more lawsuits.... Just read the other negative Google reviews. Their PR driven phoney happy talk replies to legitimate serious Google review complaints are a joke, signed "your friends at Scripps Mercy"?... give me a break...first of all ....unprofessional people are not our friends if you put our lives and safety at risk because of callous inconsiderate ineptitude and malpractice.

There is no excuse for medical errors and failure, disrespect, rudeness, lack of compassion, consideration and sensitivity, and poor performance in any hospital, especially one belonging to the Sisters of Mercy. Scripps Mercy has become the poster boy for the broken US medical system and the sad state of terrible inner city urban medical care.

Christie Dent formerly Reschke
Christie Dent formerly Reschke

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

They can be a little slow sometimes but are the most caring, wonderful people of any hospital I've been to. I love all of the people in this hospital, and the food??? Yummy!!! Helpful and more knowledgeable than most!!! I had a group of doctors working on my injury and making my surgical plans. Mercy is, by far, the best hospital I've been to in years.

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