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Consumer feedback about Sentara Careplex Hospital

Sentara CarePlex Hospital
Reviewed from Google

2.3 out of 5 stars

Debra Serge
Debra Serge

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

Went to the emergency room after three days of trying to pass a kidney stone. Was in excruciating pain but was told we had to wait to register because they had no beds. The woman at registration kept saying in a loud voice that they don't administer pain medication in reception area even though I never requested any pain meds. The implication was that I was just there to try to get pain pills. Left and went to Mary Immaculate where I was treated with courtesy and utmost professionalism.

Belinda Hart
Belinda Hart

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

Worse excuse for a hospital. Today's special was EKG .everyone that.entered the doors got one. 5 hours!! I pity those who arrived before us. Shortage of beds, inexperienced staff even those who kept peeking their heads out of er door looking around as if they knew everyone on a personal level or could identify them by looking at them. Riverside hospital may be a better choice.

Alexis N. DeMartin
Alexis N. DeMartin

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

This is a near by hospital to my home, and my first time visiting the hospital for some X-rays. I had a good attention from the information and registration desks, all the way to the person who took my X-Rays. I gave it a 4 stars due to the 1 Hr. waiting period for them to take care of me at imaging. Just to be fair they had 4 patients in front of me. The staff was very courteous, positive, and helpful. The hospital does not have a big pharmacy, is pretty small. Not too many gifts for New Borns, or Get Well cards, or balloons. However I want to believe that they have the medications that you might need when visit your doctors. Give them a chance and visit them. I did notice that some of the patients were having some bad attitude, however the staff dealt with them in a kind manner. While waiting for 1 hr, I walk into the ER. I did see some disgruntled patients, clearly in pain. I do not know if they were attended soon or slow. But their ER was crowded for being a Monday afternoon. I will continue going to this hospital when necessary. Just remember to be kind to the staff, and maybe you will be positively surprised! Good luck to you all! Thanks

ADLs Mom
ADLs Mom

3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

My dad went in for surgery here and has been for multiple appointments. I came in and spent the day. It was very clean and the open floor plan made it feel less confined. The staff that I encountered were okay. Not friendly, not rude, just there doing a job.
In the surgery waiting area, there was a huge lack of outlets to charge your phone. Hampton is not a place you want to plug your phone in and walk away, so I would not use the phone charging station (it was broken anyway). We were there for over 12 hours so more outlets to charge phones would be nice.
We ate at the cafeteria for lunch and dinner. We did Subway for breakfast. The Subway was nice and staff was pleasant. The cafeteria lunch was great and fairly priced. The cashier was a monster though. She didn’t say a word and had the look of misery on her face.
It’s much cheaper to buy drinks at one of the vending machines on another floor than it is to buy in the cafeteria though if you are getting a bottled drink.
For dinner, there is not much of a selection. Leftovers from lunch and burgers. The food again was good and the lady working the grill was nice. Again, the cashier was miserable. I asked for cups of ice and told her I didn’t mind paying for them. She huffed and puffed and asked how many did I intend on getting. When I told her 4, she sighed again as if this affected her greatly and she charged 10 cents a cup (which is an excellent price!). She said no more after that. Didn’t tell me my total, didn’t say have a nice night, nothing.
The guy working the gift shop was super friendly though. A little too much as he was very exciteable and talkative and wanted to show us every single item on sale when we just wanted to look around. The gift shop has some odd selections for a hospital shop. A lot of jewelry, hand bags and bath bombs. Ummm...okay. Who is going to use that in the hospital!? No magazines or the usual small things that you could buy and take to a patient room. I was surprised by the lack of baby gift themed items as well.
So, the staff overall could use a little more customer service training, but so far nurses have been pleasant and that’s really where it counts.

Sonya Q
Sonya Q

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Formal complaint. Was so scared on last night, considered checking out . Hospital personnel allowed me to sleep in recliner 4 nights after major surgery. Never once questioning or offering alternative. Room never fully cleaned in 5 days. Scary for an otherwise healthy patient. Immediately contacted my insurance company. Should they really pay for room and board. Thank God for my family and friends !!!

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