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About Ascension Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital

Ascension Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital provides medical services for residents of Caldwell County and surrounding counties in Central Texas.
The hospital features an emergency department with trauma, cardiac care, adult and pediatric emergency care, it also features a wide range of medical services for inpatient and outpatient including general surgery, cardiopulmonary services department, radiology, and diagnostic testing.

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  • Critical Access Hospitals Rating 2.6
(22 reviews)

Paula Collie-Dement

I’m going to give an step-grandmother (AN ELDERLY PERSON)was recently admitted to this hospital for a severe breathing condition. She was allowed to be released by a local doctor that works with the hospital & has a local practice with home health assistance. Therefore against family wishes & opinions she was taken home late in the afternoon. THE NEXT MORNING- home health came to see her- the nurse immediately told her you need to get back to the hospital!! Oh yes back to hospital therefore family took her back quickly- this is the same place that had just let her leave not 12 hours before! Went to ER, waited hours to see a doctor... finally discovered that THERE WASN'T A DOCTOR AVAILABLE ‼️ SO THERE IS A HOSPITAL WITH AN EMERGENCY ROOM & HOSPITAL BEEING RAN WITH NO DOCTOR AVAILABLE TO TREAT?!? She finally got readmitted to the hospital ( also got told had no bed available). This entire time she was asking for cough syrup & something for the pain she was enduring because of her severe deep cough that had never stopped even when she was released not 24 hours before. The nursing staff said they could only do so much & NO DOCTOR WAS AVAILABLE to prescribe anything ‼️ . SO AN EXTREMELY WEAK, FRAIL ELDERLY PERSON IS SUPPOSED TO JUST WAIT UNTIL A DOCTOR DECIDES TO SHOW?!? I don’t think so!!’ There is such a thing as doctor on call but according to nurses no doctor would come in!!!!!!! MORE THAN FOUR HOURS AFTER BEING ADMITTED A NURSE WAS FINALLY ABLE TO GET SOME DOCTOR TO AUTHORIZE AT LEAST COUGH SYRUP. Family and patient was told there was an Issue with pharmacy then doctor approval then pharmacy back & forth. Can we say NEGLECT TO AN ELDERLY! This isn’t the whole story- it ended up being almost MIDNIGHT before she got anything to help. She asked if she could possibly get something to eat since she had had NOTHING the entire time she had been at the ER OR IN THE HOSPITAL- the comment was the cafeteria is closed! Ok anything sandwich something would be great. Nurse finally said all we have would be a microwave meatloaf or turkey meal! THIS IS A DISGRACE ALL AROUND; WE REALIZE A NURSE CAN ONLY DO WHAT THEY ARE ALLOWED TO DO. BUT GIVE ME A BREAK IF THIS WAS DONE TO THIS ELDERLY PERSON THAT WAS SEVERELY ILL HOW MANY OTHER ELDERLY PEOPLE OR JUST PEOPLE IN GENERAL HAS THIS HAPPENED TO???? In closing, my step grandmother finally asked “WHAT WOULD Y’ALL DO IF I WAS DYING???” She NEVER got a response ‼️ Something has to be done. No one will be able to convince this was an isolated incident!! Please before you go to this hospital TRY to get to another one anywhere!☹️ ‼️‼️ SIGNED: EXTREMELY FURIOUS FAMILY MEMBERS OF AN ELDERLY FAMILY MEMBER

Paula Collie

Update concerning the review signed EXTREMELY FURIOUS FAMILY MEMBERS OF AN ELDERLY FAMILY MEMBER...We would like to say that issues have been addressed & for the most part handled. The administration team along with the local doctor that also associates with the hospital has seen that our ELDERLY FAMILY MEMBER has been treated fairly, kind, & gotten medical attention, medications, drinks, food, etc. as she has needed them. She has been treated this entire week the way she SHOULD HAVE BEEN treated when she first arrived at the ER! We are glad things have improved concerning her treatment & care while she is in this hospital; HOWEVER, IT IS TERRIBLE THAT SOMETHING OF SUCH MAGNITUDE OCCURRED IN THE FIRST PLACE, ESPECIALLY TO A FRAIL ELDERLY PERSON. So in closing, please be aware of what is happening or not happening when dealing with the healthcare of someone in your family. Be it at this hospital or another. Please don't assume there is NOTHING that can be done to get the person's medical care to change BECAUSE THERE IS!! Signed MUCH CALMER FAMILY MEMBERS OF AN ELDERLY FAMILY MEMBER

Jestin Holman

Ignorant. Sent my 3 month old home said he was fine. Took him to Seguin and was diagnosed with RSV. Dont trust these people. Just out for money. Spent $150 for nothing.

Mark Brown

Wonderful Nursing staff! Wonderful Doctors! In ER two weekends ago. Caring, gentle, and wonderful attention to my needs. In and out very quickly, and on the road to recovery. I would recommend the services here.

raul castillo

My wife was admitted back in October for a couple of days and they really took great care of her. She went on and on how Holly(her nurse) was very caring and sincere with her care. She answered any questions my wife had and made her feel welcomed.