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About Ascension Seton Highland Lakes

Ascension Seton Highland Lakes is an acute care hospital located in Burnet.
The hospital features an emergency room with a designated level IV trauma center and an intensive care unit in addition to inpatient and outpatient services including surgical and medical procedures, spiritual care as well as multiple specialty outpatient clinics.

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  • Critical Access Hospitals Rating 3.2
(43 reviews)

Bonnie Wells

The lab is ridiculous! It takes FOREVER. Sometimes only one check in person. Takes at least 15 minutes for them to process your order. The ER isn't any better. It can take hours! The one in Burnet mis diagnosed my granddaughter twice. Finally took her to Scott White in Marble Falls!

Calvin Henry

Treated my wife with love and kindness. Thank you.

Frank Genova

I had to spend 5 weeks in seton highland lakes hospital and everybody there was so awesome and so nice that most of my time there it didn't even feel like i was in a hospital. If i ever need another extended stay in a hospital i would definitely try to do it there. And like is said above, i didn't even feel like I was in a hospital because everyone there treated me like i was a person, and a friend instead of a patient.

M Simmons

I have another problem with this clinic: my wife's surgery in December for inserting a filter in an artery for a clot problem was $30,048.00 and $5,360.75. Our responsibility was $1,340.00 and $194.48. I paid both on my Discover credit card.The problem is your billing department double dipped my Discover card for the $1,340.00 and can not find where Discover paid Seton for the $194.48. I've spoken with at least four Seton people in Michigan and Arizona about this. Three of the billing techs hungup on me and another spent some time researching this but if a refund in due; she and the sup'vr didn't have a clue. I pushed this back to your people; the woman answering your line yesterday took the information and promised to find someone to help me. I received a call from a person who needs more training in customer service issues. Go else where people.

DR Hunter

The nursing staff in CCU are truly amazing! Everyone from the doctors to the custodians were friendly, caring, and professional.