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About Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin

Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin Hospital was established in 1902 and now it is a full-service hospital with emergency care and a Level 1 Stroke Center. It is the only hospital in Central Texas that performs heart transplants. The hospital also offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for both inpatients and outpatients and regional specialty programs.
Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin is a destination for specialty care – including heart and vascular health, stroke care, lung, and esophageal cancers, maternity services, and women’s health. The facility includes a birthing center providing neonatal care for sick babies.

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(252 reviews)

Casey Sellers

Just had our second child here since our OB is tied to this hospital. The facility is sufficient in labor and delivery. Three times in the unit with different scenarios every time, and all had no complications. However we run into the same issues every time. Midwives: They make the decisions for the Doctors in the room. They are very pushy and not really about the parents plans. Multiple times they blamed the doctors for poor practices. We were finally informed that our insurance is paying for a Dr to deliver. So we asked for that. We never saw the Attending doctor once during the second delivery. Finally every time post deliver is terrible on all fronts. Poor conditions in rooms, poor service from night nurses, no real information EVEN when you ask followup questions after they ask “Do you have any questions?” Look my advise to anyone who does not live in the immediate vicinity and has insurance deliver at a newer facility. Thought this time would be better but it was not.

Lora Coyle

I’m 43 years in age and had several surgeries and hospital experiences in my life. I stayed overnight in hospital June 3 for a hysterectomy surgery . Starting from admissions and registration to the nurses was the best experience! All the people who worked there are very friendly and helpful. My Oncologist Dr. Lynne Knowles performed an excellent surgery and is informative/personable , understanding, where I felt at ease , wonderful person! The hospital staff and nurses gave the best care to me that I’ve ever experienced! They were all friendly, on time, attentive, courteous and CARING. I was extremely impressed by Melissa RN, who went beyond and above making my recovery comfortable and happy. Melissa has an outstanding personality and professional! She’s a light and gifted soul! Thanks to all the wonderful people for giving me a great experience!

Nancy Edelen

The care I received was awesome. Major back surgery that went beautifully thanks to Dr Geck and his staff and great care from the nurses and staff at hospital. OT and PT were great too! Only 1 snafoo I could complain about but I am sure this has been taken care of. Most nurses went above and beyond and I cannot say enough great things about several of them!! It’s obvious they love their jobs as it is reflected in their care and concern for their patients!!! Thank you all!!!!!


Edited review to be 5-star after a week long stay at the hospital. Every single aspect from check-in to before the surgery to the recovery and the stay itself was wonderful. I requested the 7th floor after getting to know the nurses there - they were all amazing! They helped me manage my pain and heal so I could get home even faster than the doctor expected. Great experience! Original review: I have been visiting Seton Main for outpatient shots for the past month or so. The check-in process is pretty excruciating, and I don't know why they have to verify and type all of my information in every single visit. I guess there must be a good reason. On the plus side, the nurses on the oncology floor are amazing. I've had to deal with 5-6 different ones so far and they're all very caring and helpful. I usually have to wait while the pharmacy makes my shot, and they always make sure I'm comfortable, check and see if I need water or if I want the TV turned on, and come back to give me updates as often as they can. I really appreciate that. Would be 5 stars if only the check-in were faster for a repeat visitor.

Pearl Kasparian

I recently had surgery here and the care was outstanding. I don't do well with anesthesia and I came out incredibly nauseas and unable to be moved to a room. The nurses in the recovery area cared for me at a level I cannot begin to express. I was barely able to open my eyes and I can't remember their names, but there were two nurses specifically who made sure I got everything I needed and comforted me until I was able to be moved. I can't thank this team enough for their care. (As a disclaimer: I am an Ascension employee, but this review is my personal experience and is not related to my employment.)