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About Ascension Seton Southwest Hospital

Texas, Ascension Seton Southwest Hospital and ER is an acute care hospital based in Austin
Ascension Seton Southwest is a destination for specialty care including general surgery care, orthopedic surgery, gynecology surgery, robotic surgery, and colonoscopy procedures. Additionally, the hospital offers cardiac rehabilitation, cardiovascular diagnostics, a wide range of imaging services, and both adult and pediatric outpatient rehabilitation care. The hospital also features Dell Children’s Emergency Care which is located onsite.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 3.1
(51 reviews)

Richard Baptist

Okay an emergency isn't pleasant but if you have one this is the place to go. Dr. Jackson and her staff were empathetic, friendly and caring. They are the best! Dr Jackson got on the phone with my wife and explained everything and calmed her down. One thing that stuck with me is that she told my wife "I'll take care of your son like he's one of my own" You can't beat that. The care was excellent, they even made giving my son his painkillers a fun exercise. These people are the best! I cannot recommend them enough.

Amanda Bullock

Dr. Jackson and her team were phenomenal! She was so sweet and kind and the whole team was attentive and fun! From check in to check out, the entire experience was amazing. Hoping I dont come back anytime soon but I love this hospital and the incredible staff!

Isidra Santos

I will definitely not be returning to this hospital because they put my life in danger they gave me Tylenol with codeine knowing that I am currently on lamotrigine and those two medicines don't go together I found that out from my pharmacy and that's why I felt really bad when I got home after they discharged me from the hospital.

Michelle Chance

If you have an actually appointment or a procedure here this place is amazing. Once your are admitted they have a really fantastic staff. BUT, do NOT go to their ER. I have been trying to figure out how to file a complaint against the ER doctor since we went. My toddler had a deep head wound we couldn't get to stop bleeding. The nurses were nice enough and gave me wipes to help clean the blood up but the Dr never really examined the wound, came back 30 minutes later with skin glue, then, without closing the wound started squeezing glue on it and all of the hair on her head in the area in one big mess. I, while holding her down, tried to pull some of the globs of hair out of the glue and he smacked my hand away. The bleeding hadn't even stopped and it continued to bleed into the next day. We had to have the glue removed (which involved ripping out a bunch of her hair) and then re-glued several days later because the wound never closed and now my toddler has a deep scar on her forehead.

abigaile laky

Went in for an ER visit and needed blood work done. I informed the nurse Deborah J.( Debbie on the board) about my intense needle fear and that I would need a second nurses assistance to hold my arm to help me with jumping and avoid accidently missing. I was then insulted and asked by nurse Debbie "What am I, 7 or something?" Which then she stated if I wanted that extra help then my boyfriend who was with me would have to hold my arm down and wouldnt call in an extra nurses assistance. My boyfriend was extremely uncomfortable and was afraid of accidently getting poked as he isnt a lisenced medical profession and had no idea how to best assist. Afterwards she kept blowing off my medical questions about my blood work results after the dr left and I needed a quick reminder of a few things. The doctor herself was great though and the only reason I might ever come back to this hospital ever again..