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6201 N Suncoast Blvd, Crystal River, FL 34428, USA
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Consumer feedback about Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Amber Sanders

Took their child birth classes, Marge, the teacher was absolutely amazing. I learned so much in 1 month and feel so confident in giving birth now and cannot wait to bring my little bundle of joy in the world! Thank you for making confidence possible!

Rating: 5 /5

Jeanne Butler-Clark

We are visiting from Oregon and my husband ended up here after he passed out in our hotel room. This medical center is amazing!!! The staff members are friendly, considerate and. Sting and very efficient. My husband is getting better care than he would have in a larger hospital or any of the ones we have used in Oregon.

Rating: 1 /5

Rondella Alday

Last Friday I went to the ER at 7 rivers in a lot of pain. The waiting area was unorganized. There were no instructions about how to register- just a lady calling NEXT. Whoever got to the window first was next. It took an hour to get to another set of chairs inside the ER. that I thought was another waiting area. These chairs were hospital type recliners with 1 foot wide curtains between each chair. I was shocked to find out that this was my "room" there that day. The doctor came to examine me in that stupid chair in a hallway with no privacy whatsoever. Honestly all he could do was push on my stomach with me sitting in that chair. He explained what he thought was wrong to me and the other 5 or so people sitting in those chairs. He also made an odd comment about giving me morphine for pain. The lab guy came a while later to take blood and start an IV. I don't do well with needles, and I got light headed. The recliner wouldn't recline! He then started redistributing blood into various viles sitting in a chair right in front of me. A very uncomfortable 90 minutes later someone came to bring me to get scans done. He and the man in CT were very nice. They needed paperwork which we found smeared with blood where the lab guy had been sitting. When I said something to a nurse, she said since I had never started an IV, that I shouldn't complain. By that time, I didn't care what the doctor had to say to me, and the woman sitting in the chair that was in front of me. I just wanted to go home and curl up with a heating pad. I still had an IV in my arm, and no one would help me. It took another hour before I could leave. I once was in a clinic in a depressed country. They were very kind, and my friend and I were treated with respect. These people could learn alot from them. No privacy, private information smeared in blood left out for all to see, rude and uncaring nurses--- this place is horrible!

Rating: 1 /5

Mickey Mouse

This is the worst hospital I have EVER encountered. I was admitted after surgery and have had the worst 3 days of my life. Rooms are not private so I had to spend the first 2 days with a dementia patient who never stopped rambling the entire time. Getting a nurse to answer your calls is like pulling teeth. Begged to speak to the charge nurse because whoever answers the call button just kept turning mine off. Charge nurse is apparently ignoring patients, too. Tonight at midnight they decide to move patients around and puts a woman in here who snores like a buzz saw. I'm lucky to have slept 2 hours in 3 days. I have just had shoulder replacement and have spent almost the whole time in excruciating pain on top of dealing with all of this rudeness and neglect. How do you run a hospital this poorly. I'm calling the board when I get home.

Rating: 5 /5

Terry Jackson

We were from out of town from Nashville camping at Rock Crusher RV park when my husband got very sick throwing up and feeling extremely bad. I brought him to this hospital because it was the closest. We got here at 7:15 a.m. and they were very quick to get him in. The drew blood, took a urine sample, did an EKG because he was complaining of his chest feeling heavy. The hooked him up with an IV gave him meds for the nautiousness and a shot for the cramping. He did great after that. The Nurse Kim and the tech Gary were very professional and kind. This is a good ER.