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368 NE Franklin St, Lake City, FL 32055, USA
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Consumer feedback about Shands Lake Shore Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Jennifer Williams

Shands is a terrible hospital PERIOD. They don't care about their patients. My mom got sent there due to her doctor finding an infection in her stomach. Said they was going to admit her until Monday. She has been there since Friday afternoon. They did a scan the same day and did not give her results for 24 hours. All they can say is her intestines is twisted, could be crohns and talk to her tomorrow. The doctor rushed out the room trying to get his rounds done. She has been waiting on the specialist that is supposed to be so great but still no show. Cant believe they treat patients that way. But suppose to be the best hospital....😡😡

Rating: 5 /5

Jessica Brooks

Sometimes the ER wait was long, but before I moved out of state I had two children both delivered at this hospital and I was overwhelmed at the level of care I received from the doctors and nurses during my stay. With my first baby, I had an emergency cesarean and my son was 5 weeks premature. He was very well taken care of in the nursery and the nurses were sure to feed him the milk I had pumped and he came home five days later just as strong and healthy as could be.

Rating: 1 /5

Shorty 2you.

Was put in a room, the CNA came in did tri-age...and nobody else came to my room. No nurse, no doctor, nobody! Even when I called for help I was ignored!! Thank GOD I wasn't dying! The doctors and nurses, they just don't care about patients! Don't go there. You'll die waiting to be seen. And I'm not talking about the ER....SMH.

Rating: 2 /5

Matthew Schroader

The nurses are very ill-concerned about delivering meds on time but seem to have all the time in the world to laugh and "cut up" in the hallways like it was a holiday or something. On day two of 8 I developed a rash on my wrists that progressively spread and got more intense. I notified the nurses to no avail numerous times. Day 4 they finally gave me benadryl only because I cornered a nurse and threatened her job if something want done about it. When my gastric doctor came to see me I told him and he made sure I was given the ointment. The entire time was a battle to receive even the most basic care I a timely manner. I have read some of these reviews and out seems the person looking at them is equally ill-concerned and gives the same dictated responses to each complaint. To have a 2.?? rating out of 5.0 is rediculous to say the least.

Rating: 1 /5

Sharon Reshard

My dad was brought here from a nursing home and I brought my mom here to see about him. She buzzed to come and see him. And yes she was in a bit of a rage because they were refusing to allow her into his room and my sister had been to the nursing home and sent pictures of him that were very distressing. A doctor Hill came to the door YELLING and telling her that she was not coming back until he could finish his assessment while threatening to have security throw her out. I then told him that my dad has dementia and that we have always been allowed to be in with him. Amazing that in this life I never dreamed I would be in the presence of someone that persevered to become a doctor and yet be so rude and aggressive and ignorant—no people skills whatsoever. So rude and nasty that I told him they could let us take my dad to another hospital. After he returned to the back I called back and that’s when I got his name. And told the person I spoke with he had better be sure it was protocol because I was talking with others in the waiting area that had family members that were allowed to go back with their family. In less than approximately three minutes we were allowed to go back. I had just shared with my mom as we pulled up to the hospital that they say the doctors in Lake City advise patients to go anywhere for treatment other than Shands at Lakeshore. Believe me it is not deserving of the one star. Well, well what do you know..... Alias Dr. Hill ends up being Dr. Lucas...forcing me to go a step or two further. Will be calling a girlfriend whose dad is a doctor to determine my next step. Not sure who he is the board on the wall says Lucas staff says he is Hill. But he can rest assured I will be forwarding a letter of complaint and report this rude and nasty low life.