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Consumer feedback about Shands Live Oak Regional Medical Center

Lynda Lanier
Lynda Lanier

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Shands Live Oak Regional Medical Center is a great Hospital! The Clerks, Techs, CNA’s, Registration, Case Managers, Managers, Nurses and the Doctors are amazing. Thank you Shands Live Oak Regional Medical Center employees for all you do for our community.

Karen Conners
Karen Conners

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Came to get blood drawn. Came early .the woman at desk was watching CBS news on TV then a woman came out and vacuumed the entrance. Around 8:30 am then people started coming in. Then the show Started lets make a deal at 10:00 .they start calling other people . I got up and asked what's going on? .No one called me yet .it's been almost 2 hoursThe woman said ":No one called you yet? I put up the paperwork. I don't know what happened. Let me check ".The women doing the blood showed up to get someone else .I said I am leaving .I've been fasting since last nite .then they took us in. The door was locked.we waited in hallway while she is went to get the key. She opened the door. We went in . The room was freezing cold.She said it's always like this i don't know why.
A trainee took my blood ok.Then I left.
It's 11:00 wow this is ridiculous. And this is a hospital! !!!😧 NEXT TIME. I WILL GO TO QUEST. Went to Quest three times no problems.then a new girl messed things up .had to come back .a Philippines woman drew the blood excellent job.😃 surprise wow what an

John Middletn
John Middletn

4 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Visited the ER on a Sunday after a fall at my home. Was greeted and triaged immediately. They hardly had completed triage (didn't have insurance/payment info at all) before X-ray tech was there for me. When it was later decided a CAT scan was also needed that tech was back in just minutes.

Every person who provide care was kind, helpful, and in good spirits. All interacted well, answered my too many questions without hesitation or rolled-eyes etc. Those folks went a long way toward calming and comforting me!

Only one reason I give 4 vs 5 stars (believing 5 = perfect and that perfection is nearly impossible): a simple suggestion is that when a patient must wait for scans to be read or lab work etc. before next steps can be done, it would really help put them at ease to have someone (who I understand is already overburdened) simply say, "we're waiting for (radiology, etc) but don't worry, we'll be back as soon as..."

I'd read bad reviews here and worried about the care I'd get. While I know breakdowns can and do occur, I take the negative comments in the understanding that suffering people may have little patience for even really good care. Hoping I never need to, I would not hesitate to go to Shands Live Oak ER should the need arise.

Karla B
Karla B

1 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

Edit to reflect a recent visit to the ER.

My 10 year old daughter had an obvious but small insect bite that was accompanied by a fever. The bite was red, hot to the touch and had grown had & was painful and on her neck. I had tried to get her into the doctors but they were booked up. Walk in clinics wouldn't take her insurance. Both her doctor's office & walk in clinics said take her to the ER. I had gone to the pharmacy and they said take her in.

Everyone was great except for the nurse that we had. She was just rude, condescending and flat out unprofessional. Her attitude was insulting and mean.

When she was asking my daughter if it hurt my daughter was trying to explain if something touched (lightly) neck it hurt. The nurse was out of line with the "Duh, obviously if YOU touch it, it is GOING to hurt". My daughter had a fever and ALREADY not feeling good. She was close to tears because as a 10 year old she was trying to explain it to this nurse. There is NO reason why a NURSE should behave this way towards a child.
It WAS lanced and had stuff come out. It WAS infected and she had to be put on two medications.
After Ms. Not So Nice Nurse was bustling, I started to talk to my daughter about friends of hers whose parent worked there. My daughter later told me that the nurse was like "Oh S" and had started to behave more professionally. So she knew her behavior was unprofessional and out of line. Oh you bet I reported it to several people. They even called me the next day to see how she was. I was like oh everyone other than the nurse were great.

My other way is to leave this review. I hope this woman never has a nurse treat her or a loved one as horribly as she treated us esp a child but then again treat others as how you would like to be treated in return. So maybe she deserve a nurse like herself.

The review is lowered to a 1 since zero is not allowed.

This happened a few years back. My Grandmother lived here locally but moved back to Washington State. While visiting she fell at a local business. She had to be brought to this hospital by an ambulance. She had head trauma. The people working the ER were more concerned with being paid BEFORE she was even seen. My Mother was NOT going to have them harass my Grandmother who HAD a scull fracture which was what they said AFTER she was seen by the doctor. So she got my Grandmother's insurance card and paid it. This should not reflect the doctors or nurses. They were great. This reflects the hospital Administration and how greedy they are. You haven't even seen the person yet you are demanding payment. Here she had to be brought in by ambulance with head trauma and you are demanding payment from her family before she was even seen.

Mariely Cabello
Mariely Cabello

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I wonder which is the problem with nurses in this hospital? Ahhh and not yet I question to where this doctor in ... never saw him or rather the never saw US. Nurse Lynda is extremely idiot or only makes the silly? Lynda, let me tell you when people come in seeking of medical attention is because feel very poor health. It's not that dijero Ohh, today we don't have anything to do and we will joderle the life to medical staff of the hospital.😕 when people come to the hospital we looking for improvement of understanding and help to improve our health. Only hope never feel ill be seen by yourself to see and feel.