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50 Hospital Hill Rd, Sharon, CT 06069, USA
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Consumer feedback about Sharon Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Abbey Fagan

I, unfortunately have been to Sharon Hospital several times over the years, with very bad results. Most recent was when my son hit a deer with a motorcycle. It happened right by our house, so I was able to get him to the hospital before an ambulance could. My son was complaining of neck, shoulder, & back injuries. I took him to Sharon Hospital, by mistake ! After conveying his injuries to the ER staff, we were treated extremely poorly. We sat there for fifteen minutes befor I started to lose my patients. After a brief verbal dispute with the staff, we were forced to drive an hour to another Hospital. This type of treatment towards anyone in need of medical help is appalling ! This is why SHARON HOSPITAL has an overall rating of three and a half stars. I personally feel it should be one star, if that !

Rating: 1 /5

Grace Kelley

I had an abscess from a staphyloccocal infection on my c section scar that I was just discharged from Sharon on/gyn with. When I was sutured up after my c section, the surgeon pushed some air out of my abdominal cavity which is where the staph infection got through. With blood drawing, one nurse didn't put on gloves, another had blown my vain and said it was fine, kept the iv in my arm while my arm started pooling up with antibiotic which left a pouch. Completely ignorant staff.

Rating: 1 /5

Matthew Russo

Nobody in the ER waiting room, yet made to wait. Then when roomed, treatment was going to be given without any further discussion. Bad medicine! Then made to wait again on a very uncomfortable cot. The MD was not kind, uncovered for a very cursory exam, not recovered with blanket. Poorly treated, disrespected for my knowledge. I am a nurse. Won't be using that ER again.

Rating: 1 /5

T Dorrer

I was planning to have my baby here, but 4 routine blood tests were sent here by my ob and they charged me $800. I told them that it should have gone to quest and the charge was supposed to be $60. They told me I can pay $600 and no less. Very appalled by the mark up. Editing to show that I was angry at the above billing. The staff at the maternity ward were in fact excellent. They were very attentive and caring during my stay. I was very happy I went to Sharon Hospital despite the above experience since the nurses were a lot better than the financial side of the hospital.

Rating: 5 /5

Daniel Ma

My baby was born here last week, great people and great service here!! Thank you!