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Consumer feedback about Sharp Memorial Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Bradley Cunningham

After a bad crash on my bicycle (WEAR YOUR HELMETS KIDS!) i was admitted to the ER at Sharp Memorial. The level of care that I received was WAY above and beyond what I would expect for a fairly busy Emergency Room. Since I was "head trauma" they took me back right away and continually checked on me. The Doctors, CT techs, X-Ray techs, nurses, everyone was VERY sensitive, polite, friendly, compassionate, empathetic, and caring. The plain-and-simple approach the Doctor took was much appreciated. His explanations really simplified my medications, my after-care, and most important parts of follow-up, etc. I speak highly of this institution since the accident (about a week prior to this review) and the staff who runs it. THANK YOU TO ALL of you who checked on me, cared for me, reassured my frightened wife and made me VERY comfortable in one of my more venerable moments. Much obliged to all of you!

Rating: 5 /5

Justin SDS

I went here after going to another ER that had a 3-4 hour wait. Sharp had me in the back within 15 minutes. Everyone was so helpful, clerical, nurses and the doctor man I can’t say enough about that man. Dr. J. P. Smithson was his name. At the worst moment of my life he was understanding and truly cared. After going to a primary before and not getting any help (which he couldn’t believe that I got pushed away from a MD) I was probably a nightmare to treat because I was so sick but he dealt with me and helped me as much as he could. Honestly I lost faith in almost all doctors who don’t treat and push you away when I’m need. Not this doctor. I wish I could have him as my primary I might actually go to the doctor more. Really I can not thank this man enough and I hope to see him again or talk to him and thank him and the nurses. He is a true doctor, a gift to humanity. I also want to thank Sharp and please Sharp if you read this pass along this message to the Dr and if you could put me in contact with him

Rating: 5 /5

nn viekie

I suffered a concussion when I fell off of my bicycle. I do not know recall my fall as I was unconscious when I hit my head, but when I woke up in an ambulance, I had lots of bruises and abrasion on my body. They decided to take me to Sharp Memorial Hospital. This was around 17:00 on January 22nd, 2018. The review here is for the staff that took care of me at the ER. I am very thankful for the doctor (I do not remember him, but it was an older male) that examined me. And I am very grateful and thankful to the nurse (Jackie) that took care of me. She treated every of my wounds and patched me up. I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of me. Their customer service is marvelous. They go out of their way to care for you when you come in. Everyone here is nice and genuine. I am glad that my injury is not serious. They are also nice to tell you what happened to you as in explaining the injury and answering all your questions. The nurse that assisted me with everything was kind and professional. Anyways, it will be a little while before I recover from my fall, but I will rest up. Now as for the medical bill.....that will sting me which is part of life. I do know they are willing to work with me on that so it is a bit reassuring. But the service that you get here is outstanding. Thank you so much for treating me here. Looks like it will be a little while before I will write another Yelp review as I am having a hard time enjoying food. Once I recover, (hopefully next month) I shall reward myself with good food and write more Yelp reviews. NOTE: Although I give it a 5 stars, just keep in mind that most are genuinely nice. There are few that would have a bad day, but they will all help you if you are nice and polite. As a person that worked at a customer service job in the past, I can say that most people here will give a great customer service to you.

Rating: 1 /5

Habib Kadir

Terrible place to go to! went to the ER for a dislocated shoulder, they popped it back in place and that was it.. They could care less after that besides collecting their money, no after care instructions or advise or anything besides to contact a doctor? Seriously? Aren’t they supposed to be doctors and try to help you out? Didn’t even prescribe anything for the excruciating pain. So I call back and speak with this extremely rude and completely unhelpful guy named BRANDON and he basically tells me to schedule another appointment with them for exact instructions on how to properly take care of my injury which should have been explained when I was there in the first place. I would never recommend anybody to go here, Even an emergency situation I would drive an extra 20 miles if I had to. This place is a joke!!

Rating: 3 /5

Stephen Porcher

Great staff. They will take good care of you. The only issue I had was the lack of parking even with a huge parking garage, I had the drive all five floors three times to find. Parking spot. Then they charged me $15.00 to visit my father after the hospital will make thousands of dollars of his surgery.