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Consumer feedback about Shelby Baptist Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

Kim Gann

I came to the hospital as an emergency. I was so well taken care of from start to finish. My nurses and Doctors were fantastic. My poor nurse kept getting patients (I hear January is always busy) and she was still so great! I was inspired by their hard work and kindness. My NP in the emergency room was wonderful too. Doctors and nurses are human too. They are doing the best they can and prioritize as best as they can. I want to thank the staff at Shelby Baptist for their hard work and kindness to me. Keep up the good work!

Rating: 2 /5

Julie Lyle

Some of the nurses are great but overall I HATE this place. Our last two visits to the ER took hours. Both times I heard blood curdling screams from down the hall. Last night I heard a young girl crying out in pain. Dear doctors, they make this stuff called pain meds. Today they told me Dad was transferred to another facility. After driving an hour in the opposite direction I find out he wasn’t discharged at all. Chairs in the emergency room are hard plastic. Seems like at a minimum they could invest in a chair so that when family members wait they aren’t miserable. I could go on and on, given that I have spent far more time in this hospital than I would like.

Rating: 5 /5

Nick Hoard

We’ve had to come here a few times. We have 3 boys, haha. The staff has been first class and taken great care of my kids. Thank you!!

Rating: 1 /5

Cindy Tiensivu

We had an appointment with the Pulmonary Dr for my husband, who had 2 heart attacks in August. Monday afternoon we went to the ER because he was having trouble breathing. After several tests, the ER Dr said and he was okay but he was to follow up with his Pulmonary Dr. We already had a Tuesday appointment with her. When he checked in, the woman was adamant that they would not be able to see him unless he paid the passed due $20 copay and the copay for this appointment as well. He patiently explained that I called Monday afternoon BECAUSE HE WAS HAVING TROUBLE BREATHING, go immediately to the ER. He could still keep the Tuesday appointment. I told her we did not have the passed due copay or the copay for Tuesday. I promised we would send the $40 to them next week when we both get our checks. She said that she needed to check if that was okay, put me on hold and when she came back she told me it was fine but don't forget and she would add a note to his file for when he came Tuesday. After my husband explained all of this, in front of other patients who were also waiting in the waiting room, she told him there is nothing noted and if he could not pay both copays. He was having obvious difficulty breathing. Had his portable oxygen. Another patient intervened and asked what the problem was, that he was obviously having trouble breathing!! She told that patient that she was sorry but he was not seeing the Dr unless he paid and that his wife did not call. My husband said yes she did. because the ER Dr said he was to be seen by the Pulmonary Dr! Again, this woman told him that I did not call. My husband asked her if they were putting $40 ahead of his care? She said again your wife did not call ;if he can pay the $40, they will be happy to see him. He got very upset and told her that he will be going to a new Dr who will be caring for his health and not the money! He walked out and THREE others followed him. I realize that the actual Dr did not know what was going on, but this was not the first time this happened to us. The economy is pathetic, people are struggling to make it from check to check, and we are told by a PULMONARY staff that the lousy $40 was the real priority and that I was a liar!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Summer Geddings

I went for asthma (that I have had my whole life) my chest has been hurting for days. They do x-rays and all that and say I'm clear. The doctor then proceeds to ask if im faking it and if I just need a work excuse. Yes, I am totally going to pay $200 for a work excuse??? They are very rude. On top of that she asked if I wanted steroids and told her to only give them to me if she thought I needed them. She got annoyed and walked out. Ma'am your job, as my doctor, is to treat me. I'm not the one with a medical degree. I've never had a good experience at the hospital. They have no sense of urgency, seem very holier-than-thou and can be flat-out rude. I will be going to UAB from now on.