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About The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus

The Hospitals of Providence has been faithfully serving El Paso West Texas, southern New Mexico, and other regions in northern Mexico since 1902.
The hospital holds more than 350 beds and mainly specializes in heart care, neuro and brain services, back and spine surgeries.
Sierra is accredited as a Chest Pain Center with a PCI designation from the Society of Chest Pain Centers and considered El Paso’s only Stereotactic Radiosurgery.
Sierra Medical Center features an Advanced Cardiac Care unit, Advanced Neurological Care, and Level III Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 3.2
(99 reviews)

sonya hinojosa

I was there last year with my dad. He checked in and went down hill very fast. The medical staff were outstanding in giving my dad the best they had. Unfortuatally it was my dad's time to pass on. He spent a week in the cardiac floor a almost two weeks in ICU or URGENT CARE Dept. They were outstanding with my dad. Thank you all for your professionalism and the human touch of TLC. My dad could not have been in better hands than yours.

Louie Bencomo

Very great staff, such as nurses and therapists. Pops was treated really well there by amazing people, such as Nancy, Matt and Paulina on the 4th floor. They emphasized everything the right way for us. Clean hallways, great gym, clean rooms, and an awesome dining area. Thank you so much for your care and looking forward to seeing the staff there again.

Victoria Ramirez

I will be honest. I absolutely love this hospital. they took great care of my situation several years back. the only reason for the three stars is because of the nurse practitioner I had in emergency. now she might not of seen much of me cause let's be honest she came with attitude not just with me but an elderly gentleman that was situated right next to me. my situation escalated and I ended up in another hospital. she told me unless I could produce evidence of my situation not much more she could actually do. . you all need to reevaluate how this person conducts her attitude with every one. the last name is Steele

Debbie Perry

I have been to the Sierra campus for seven different surgeries. I was admitted after 2 of them. Staff was awesome and very attentive. Rooms were nice. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because the food left a lot to be desired. Administration needs to sample the food that the patients are served. It's a hospital and when your sick you need food to heal.

Sexy Vamp

My dad went in and he was diagnosed with two fractures on his right ankle. We kept telling them it is under workers comp and the staff there just couldn’t get that through their brains! He was there for 4 days and they still couldn’t get the job done right! They would give us the run around I couldn’t even get a simple doctors note!! Then they never told us he suffered a minor heart attack we found out from the orthopedic surgeon a week later! I will never go to this hospital they are rude and incompetent. Never again!!