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Consumer feedback about Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Justin C

This place is a joke. The doctors think they are god, and don't respect the patient's wishes unless the patient believes everything they say. I nearly lost my leg here due to a 3rd degree burn. I went to the ER, and the Doctor saw me for 2 minutes. He applied a cream that I specifically asked him NOT to use, and acted like he knew what I wanted better than me. Then he gave me advice on how to care for the burn that I later found to be entirely incorrect, and if I had done what he said, I would have had to get skin grafts at the best, or lost my leg at the worst. $1200 on the bill JUST for the doctor. I would have been fine if he had referred me to a burn center, but instead of just admitting he didn't know something, he made up advice. I decided to go to UC Davis burn center instead, the next day, and paid $400 for a professional debridement from a nurse, a prescription for the CORRECT cream I needed, and the correct medical advice. I would rather go to an unlicensed clinic in a strip mall than visit this hospital again!

Rating: 1 /5

Rob Jayne

If I could rate this less than a star i would, I wouldn't go here if my life depended on it. They are absolutely the worst hospital staff ever. And if your planning on having a child born here. Be careful of the social worker that comes in after the birth. She's is an evil evil person who will flip your life upside-down quicker than you think. This is by far the worst hospital I've ever seen.

Rating: 4 /5

Ann Catherine Keirns

I went up with a friend to visit our friend in the hospital. Everyone we met and talked with was quite friendly and helpful. The place is a bit of a zoo to get around in but that will be fixed, I'm sure, when the construction is completed. Views out the window of my friend's room were pretty spectacular!

Rating: 1 /5

Isolde Matheson

Went there with extreme side pain, I got in quick and I was there for three hours. No one came in to check on me even though I was asking for help and was in extreme pain. It seemed like the doctor and ultra sound technician did not believe me that I was in pain or that it was anything serious. I would rather drive two hours to UC Davis than go here again.

Rating: 1 /5

Traci Antonucci

My mom went into the hospital with severe abdominal pain due to a hernia, the ER staff was pretty good they admitted her and when she got upstairs on the second floor they put her at the end of the hall and pretty much forgot she was there I say that because I heard the nurse saying oh I forgot that patient was even down there that’s the kind of care you get. When you ring the bell for service if they actually answer on the little handheld caller they give you they’ll say they will be down in a minute and it’s at least an hour before anyone shows up in your room . The hospitalist who was on duty is a complete joke he came into the room never took his hands out of the pockets and taked to my mom in a whisper, he never ever did address the real problem that was going on just tried to keep increasing her pain meds. He came in at 6 o’clock at night told her he was sending her home after not even visiting her for the entire day. I think we had one good nurse the others are rude and have the bedside manner of a rock in fact I wasn’t going to use any names but the last nurse her name is Carol the head nurse she’s rude and disrespectful to the patients. So if you care about your well-being or a family member‘s well-being please drive a little farther down the road at least to Auburn or farther.