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About Sierra Providence East Medical Center

Sierra Providence East Medical Center opened in May 2008 to serve the needs of east El Paso’s growing community. Located at Edgemere and Loop 375, the 110-bed hospital has 6 Neonatal Intensive Care beds, 12 Intensive Care Unit beds, and a 20-bed Emergency Department. In addition the facility has 72 adult beds among its Medical/Surgical, Telemetry, and Orthopedic/Neurosurgery units.
Sierra Providence East Surgical Services features six operating rooms, four endoscopy rooms and a Pre-Operative Testing Center to meet the range of surgical specialties provided including but not limited to Orthopedic In late 2010 the hospital expanded its Cardiac Service line by adding Electrophysiology.

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(295 reviews)

chante natividad

This was the best service I could have received , it was fast and efficient. The staff was so kind and answered all my questions. I am very appreciative of the service received

Laura’s Thrifty Treasures

I have nothing but great things to say about everyone in this hospital. I had surgery and stayed one night. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Quick too! Thank you so much for the nurses and staff that attended me. You all rock!! You can tell that they genuinely care for their patients. Thank you so much to my doctor and all the nurses and staff for making my stay a pleasant experience. Keep up the great work!

Diana Hernandez

Writing this during my stay. I came in Friday at midnight to the ER and was seen within 5 minutes. As my condition was severe, after only about 1 hour, I was hooked up to an IV and being admitted to the oncology wing. I cant speak for the other areas, but every nurse, tech, and aide I have had the pleasure of meeting has been awesome. My nurses especially were patient and attentive. A special thanks to Priscilla who went above and beyond during her shifts. She helped combat my anxiety by treating me like a person, not just a patient. Personnel in the ER window, not so welcoming. This is the second time within 2 months I've dealt with the ER attendants and I must say they are plainly rude. I understand not everyone can be joyous all the time, but they make you feel as if you are intruding into their personal time, as if you're asking them to do something that isn't part of their job. Because I only dealt with the ER window attendants briefly during both encounters, I am going to leave my review based on the majority of my visit (6 days in oncology).

mizzzthing13 .

I brought my loved one here to this hospital for suspected appendicitis. His pain was 7/10, with blood pressure 180s/100s, nausea and vomiting. They stuck him out in the lobby for over an hour. He was on the floor crying and doubled over in pain. Not one nurse came out to see if he was ok or offered a bed. We kept asking when he was going to be seen. No one could give us an answer except there were three people ahead of him. I eventually had to take him to another ER who took him right away and within ten min a doctor had seen him and he had a bed to relax on vs the floor. I will never go back to Sierra East ER. We are Military and live on the Far East side. I recommend the free standing ERs. They have all the capabilities of a hospital ER without the wait for a true emergency. My husband had appendicitis and was scheduled for surgery the same day.

amabel kali

Very great service, friendly staff. They made my labor/delivery experience very comfortable, and supportive. They’re very clean and confident in what they do. For such a big hospital, they are quick and respond fast/effectively.