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Consumer feedback about Sioux Falls Va Medical Center

Sioux Falls VA Medical Center
Reviewed from Google

4.4 out of 5 stars

Eric Rudberg
Eric Rudberg

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

This place is fantastic, my go to place for all my medical needs. The VA is the greatest organization, don't let what you hear on the news make you think differently.

Erin Eiler
Erin Eiler

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I have not been happy since my records were transferred to South Dakota even though I am from Illinois have never been able to transfer them back. Was told maybe some missing federal medical records after transferred here by a DAV rep. I always find errors on some of my medical records at this VA facility and they are always 100% refused to be corrected in any way shape or form after the several times I have requested corrections.. What I actually say or focus on is different or twisted sometimes from what is written into my medical record. Its advantageous to who (not me) when I am always alone no family to take with me as a witness to these visits like other patients sometimes have. Seems like I have more errors now than I did in the past when my exhusband came with me. Additionally I feel sometimes more disrespected by female healthcare providers in Sioux Falls area ironically enough but maybe I just sometimes cross paths with the wrong people. It seems like people should writedown more helpful factually based things down on medical records than sometimes rude opinionated erred unfounded comments to keep a veteran battling with unemployment and divorced unremarried childless from publicized medical records. At this point maybe have to move outside the country? I wanted to upgrade from my last marriage not downgrade and have better job opportunity. Helpful things would be nicer than just comments to cover medical provider shortcomings. The honest thing to do would to be to grant a veteran for increased disability for unemployment like some other VAs would most likely do without my asking but I do not see that happening at the Sioux Falls VA. Never in the past in Sioux Falls VA have my complaints about what is written on a medical record been corrected. I requested 3 lab tests from a doctors order last time (order was from outside of the VA in another state) was the only reason I came here to VA. However, I was asked all these other questions in order to get 3 lab tests done. I thought I was sent to the other facility emergency room for the 3 lab tests only. Things other than lab test requests were written into VA medical record (Some things written on VA record were not completely accurate) where I was sent to emergency room at another hospital by the end of the day for different reasons than the 3 lab tests which was the only reason I came to VA last time. I appreciate the effort to get tests done by sending me to another hospital but were they helpful or backfired and didn’t get the help I requested in the end where Sanford was trying to treat me for things other than the requested labs? I ended up more sick with headache and in more pain by the end of the entire day asking for 3 tests to be done from doctor’s order when I was sent outside the VA to emergency room at another hospital. Maybe did not go entirely too well. Disappointed. I appreciate the effort but did not go well at the VA or the other hospital emergency room. South Dakota will even help to kidnap your native American boyfriend from you who used to call you everyday since 2009 was even going to marry you just to get you back inside South Dakota jurisdiction for a second round or third round of torture to finish off really ruining your joke really. There is nothing like head games torture and persecution in a cold cold place like South Dakota. Be careful not to get isolated here by yourself in the snow. There seems to be quite alot of sabotage between this State and where my house is located at in Illinois. The more my medical records have been circulated out to the public by the Sioux Falls VA without my permission to release them the more unfriendliness hatred & harassment & job problems I have felt towards myself and those close to me especially in South Dakota area where I have had ‘disability’ placed on my job applications before a job interview in Huron, SD that I did not write and some other issues where South Dakota department of Labor refuses to investigate my job discrimination claims.

Steve Baumberger
Steve Baumberger

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I brought a very sick veteran from our SNF to the ER yesterday. Went in to get a wheelchair and came out to find a guy and a gal asking me questions at the same time about help. I told them 'only if you are qualified', I didn't know who they were. The gal rolled her eyes at me and tugged at her pants, I guess that meant she was a nurse... very rude. Her supervisor needs to get her trained on customer service and then some.

Mary Baker
Mary Baker

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

They take good care of my dad.

Brian Douty
Brian Douty

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Always a great place to visit with timely appointments. The staff is great and have always taken care of my needs. We are very lucky to have the caring staff that we do at the Veterans Affairs Hospital. I would give them more than 5 stars of I could.

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