Slidell Memorial Hospital Rating
80 reviews
2.7 Rating
80 reviews
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Special Care Services

  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Neonatal Intensive Care

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Department


  • Arthroscopy
  • Joint Replacement
  • Spine Surgery


  • Cardiac Cath Lab
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Coronary Interventions
  • Vascular Intervention
  • Vascular Surgery

Radiology / Nuclear Medicine / Imaging

  • Computed Tomography
  • Computed Tomography-Angiography
  • Digital Mammography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Positron Emission Tomography
  • Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography


  • Physical Therapy

Oncology Services

  • Chemotherapy

Surgery Services

  • Inpatient Surgery

Neuroscience Services

  • Electroencephalography
  • Sleep Studies


  • Lithotripsy
  • Obstetrics
  • Hemodialysis

Need your medical records from Slidell Memorial Hospital?


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We contact healthcare providers on your behalf


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Emergency Service Available


Group Service


Hospital Type
  • Acute Care Hospitals
Control Type
  • Governmental Hospital District
Total Staffed Beds 231

ICU Beds 100

Licensed Beds 223

Bed Utilization


Total Discharges


Total Patient Days


Total Patient Revenue


TPS Quality Score 42.42 Rating
80 reviews

Katrina Bennett

My stepdaughter was not feeling well today and I brought her to the emergency room. The staff was amazing. From the front desk all the way to the back. Every employee that we communicated with was very professional and very warming. I'm very impressed.

Dylan Guidry

If you call to schedule an appointment and you get Brandi Keller I would suggest that you call another institution or facility and schedule another doctor. My visit with this doctor was a complete waste of time. She wanted to send me to see a psychiatrist to get a refill of a prescription that I've been taking for over 20 years. Not everybody is a dope addict! Some of us are veterans that served this country and need this medication. I guess you are more wise than every other doctor that I seen throughout the 25 years of taking this medication. Not one of them has suggested I go see a psychiatrist to get it refilled. Now here comes the oh so wise medical practitioner Brandi Keller who knows better than every other doctor that I've seen throughout my 20 years of taking this medication and suggest I need to see a psychiatrist to get it refilled QUAK QUAK!

Amy M

Super impressed with the labor and delivery nurses. I had such an incredible experience. Would not change a thing. My OB, Dr. Landry, was also amazing.

Derek Nelson

My wife's life was in danger, and she could have died. If I could drop a "no star" review I would. My wife arrived in via ambulance after a 911 call. The wonderful EMT service from Acadian had ruled out a heart attack by the time they artived. SMH recieved her and began testing for the issue. After a CT scan, and xray, they scheduled a scoping of her upper GI the next morning. Over night she remained in an ER room because the hospital was overwhelmed. The next morning the scope was done, they saw "burst" ulcers in her esophagus, and she was misdiagnosed with pancreatitis on her discharge papers. They proceeded to send her home with three scripts, one for prior to meals as a coating, lancane to help "soothe" her esophagus, and an antacid. Please keep in mind this entire time her pain scale was between an 8 and "14" and she was told to rerurn if her pain persisted. Nothing for pain or discomfort was prescribed and she was instructed that only time would heal her properly. The next day, still in excruciating pain she went to Northshore Regional and a simple xray revealed a life threatening perforated bowel which required emergency surgery and a transfer to Ochsner across the lake. Three hospitals, three days, and a life saving emergency surgery, and SMH basically treated my wife for severe indigestion.

James Madison

Slidell Memorial Hospital demonstratively has incredibly LOW STANDARDS of cleanliness and sanitation. The obvious neglect and lack of standard housekeeping, along with the absence of routine maintenance, such as painting, replacing broken light fixtures, etc., has apparently created unsafe conditions for patients. This hospital’s administration is obviously neglectful of the physical facilities, possibly to the point of libelous. Patient’s and visitor’s health and safety appear compromised due to dirty/unsanitary facilities, with peeling paint (above patient bed), rusted/corroded fixtures, broken florescent light fixtures (bulbs exposed), human hair hanging on fire suppression sprinkler head (above patient bed), discolored/corroded mirror, and broken floor tiles. As if that were not enough to make you sick, three, yes three different hospital staff doctors came into the room at different times, and all recounted a completely different diagnosis. On one occasion, their staff tried to administer an ultrasound on the wrong patient, and had to be set straight by the patient. Then there was the doctor telling the patient he was concerned about the medications the patient was taking, even though the patient had explicitly told the ER Nurse that they DID NOT take that specific medication. The cherry on top was a pair of USED rubber gloves left on the end table, next to the patient bed, left there all day. Anyone entering the hospital, mostly those visiting patients in rooms, are greeted by gauntlet of smokers, lined up on both sides of the walkway, directly in front of the entrance (within several feet of the doors). Although there are clearly marked signs, saying “SMOKING ON SMH PROPERTY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED”, and security was present in the parking lot, nothing was done about the smoking. The security guard merely sat in their “Security” vehicle, with the AC on, in clear sight of the smokers, and did nothing. Just look at the pictures of cigarette butts next to the no smoking sign, and you will understand the contradiction. Of course, the cigarette butts only added to the amount of other trash, liter, and debris surrounding dirty glass door entrance. But don’t take my word for it, look at the photos, they speak volumes. The question I have for this hospital’s administration, and board of directors, is simply this, how in hell do you pass the JCACH accreditation inspections, or did you? #JCACH