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Consumer feedback about Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital of Yates

Carrie McBarron
Carrie McBarron

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Not happy at all with my experience here. I went to the emergency department this morning under recommendation of the nurse practitioners here at school. The receptionist here was very pleasant and nice, no complaints at all. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the ER exam room were the ants crawling all over the floor which was pretty gross. Didn’t seem very clean at all. The RN who was taking care of me was nice, but a little rude. Kept insisting she knew what my diagnosis was before tests were even performed, didn’t really listen to me or my symptoms, seemed like she was just in a hurry to get me out of there. Finally, I was seen by the doctor for a maximum total of 10 seconds, no exaggeration. Never asked me how I was feeling, didn’t ask me at all about my symptoms, didn’t say much at all. Pretty much just walked in, told me my diagnosis before “examining” me and walked back out. The receptionist made a comment that he was probably just in a bad mood because the hospital made him cut his long hair..... when I was discharged and started driving home, I began feeling even more awful than I had when I went in to the ER. Overall, I feel I was not taken seriously as a patient probably because I am a young college student and I was treated in an unnecessarily rude and unprofessional manner. If I ever have to go back to the hospital, I refuse to come back here.

Kimba S.
Kimba S.

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Just recently had a WONDERFUL experience spotlessly clean.Staff are knowledgeable and extremely professional 😁📢🤕🌈

Delphine Pillar
Delphine Pillar

1 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS CARE! The worst experience of my life with medical care. Filthy room, the inside of the air conditioning unit looked worse then a lint trap in a dryer, the filth on the floor was just waxed over ,uncaring and abusive staff. If you don't have an infection when you go in, you will by the time you leave. It must be the staff or paid reviewers by the place to give a good review. I fell in the emergency room, difficulty using my left leg when I woke up at home, so they admitted me. The first thing in the morning a little hostile posse comes in and the doctor says, " I hear you want to get into a nursing home, well it's 10 thousand dollars a month, so that isn't happening." That was just the beginning of the insanity and abuse. Yes, I always dreamed of getting into a nursing home, saved all my life for it, NOT! I can only gather from the paranoia and hostility what they were thinking. Please don't leave a helpless elderly person in their care. After being verbally abused and called names by the doctor and threatened I checked out AMA . I was then billed for discharge services which were not provided.