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6200 SW 73rd St, South Miami, FL 33143, USA
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Consumer feedback about South Miami Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Lauren Nicole

I had my first baby here and I will not come back to this hospital for any of my future pregnancies and would not recommend it to any expectant moms. My main issue with this hospital is that they are not at all mom friendly. They have so many antiquated standard procedures and policies that should have been changed and updated years ago. Everything done at South Miami is from a standpoint of what is most convenient and cost effective for the hospital with no regards to the feelings of expectant moms. Also, they are extremely shady when it comes to billing and getting upfront pricing on anything is nearly impossible. They do not offer mom friendly/ family centered c-sections here. I had to have a c-section and I did not get to see or hold my baby for 3 hours after my surgery which I was told was standard procedure at this hospital. Both he and I were perfectly healthy and everything was normal. I had to lay in recovery for 2 hours by myself and when I finally got to my room I had to wait another hour for someone to finally bring my baby to me even though I asked repeatedly. Mothers should be able to recover with their babies. I was robbed of the first few hours of my sons life and he had to lay alone in a sterile nursery because that is just the way things have always been done at this hospital and no one questions it or asks if there could be a better way. Because of the long separation my son was too hungry to wait to breast feed so against my wishes, his first meal was formula. Something that could have been avoided had it not been for the needless separation. When it comes to the billing department they are ruthless at this hospital. I have never seen such aggressive and shameless tactics like those used at South Miami. My husband and I were repeatedly called and harassed during my active labor about paying our hospital stay balance. I could not believe they were calling my room while I was in excruciating active labor demanding that my husband go to their office and pay our balance. When we told them I was in labor and he was not leaving me to do that now, they could care less and continued to call every 15 minutes demanding payment. They argued with my mother who had to leave my room to go and pay so they would finally leave us alone.That is the only way the harassing phone calls stopped. It's not like we were going to take the baby and skip out on the bill, there is a minimum of a 2 night stay so there was no need for this unprofessional behavior. This ruined our experience at this hospital as it is very clear all they care about is money. Months after my stay I was shocked to receive a bill from their contracted hospital pediatrician for thousands of dollars. This was separate from my expected hospital stay bill. Their doctors charge $1500-$2400 for each of the standard daily visits which take about 3 minutes of their time and these visits are mandatory so I was not asked if I wanted them. To add insult to injury the one thing that was wrong with my baby they did not even catch! It is highway robbery and there is no way to justify these outrageous overcharges. Had they been upfront and honest about these fees I would have secured my own pediatrician to see my baby at the hospital and avoided their outrageous charges. This is exactly why they do not tell you upfront because they want you to use their doctors so they can make $$$. Now I am getting threatening letters from their contracted pediatricians office -kidz medical services (look at their terrible reviews on yelp and google) and I am now forced to pay or my credit will be extortion. It is so sad to see that something as beautiful as labor, delivery, and birth has been turned into an impersonal money grab where what is best for mom and baby comes last and what is easiest and makes the hospital most money comes first.

Rating: 1 /5

B. R.

This place is the poorest excuse for a medical institution. You are better off going to Memorial Hospital or another well established medical facility where their staff had a reputation for customer service. STAY AWAY FROM NICOLE THE EMERGENCY ROOM SUPERVISOR!!!! Absolutely the rudest professional I have ever come across. She will get her director involved, and switch up her approach towards you so that she seems she is in the right. If you ask how many people are in front of you, they will tell you they cannot answer you, though they gave you an answer one hour before. Also they will make smart remarks, such as " that is what we are here for", mocking their patients in pain. While I was in the waiting room, A patient was choking and crying claiming they were in pain, and each and everyone of the staff members just sat and watched until a patient complaint, saying "aren't you going to do something, this is inhumane" which at that point, the medical staff finally saw it fit to ask him if there was something that they can do . Lastly, the reviews about the wait times is no exaggeration. You will be waiting a while, as they just do not have man power. There are only a couple of doctors working in the whole emergency room. At that point, Urgent Care or a facility like this would be your best bet. Absolutely stay away from this medical institution if you can, and if you cannot, the best of luck to you ! Again, stay away from NICOLE the Emergency Room Supervisor! Stay blessed!

Rating: 1 /5

Cervélo Supply

The customer service, care level, and ambience at this institution have deteriorated. The patient rooms are small and I have heard similar unhappy comments from many other people who went there.

Rating: 1 /5

Daniel Bravo

The worst ER I’ve ever seen!! Over 4 hours in the waiting room, we decided to leave after witnessing an altercation of somebody else that was waiting for more than 5 hours. Every single person in that room was mad and tired of waiting!! Is incredible how the level of urgency did not matter to this people. Don’t put your love one or yourself thru this pain, just don’t go to this hospital...

Rating: 5 /5

Miriam Pereira

I've been to their ER on 2 occasions-this year and two years ago. The service and attention were, for the most part, excellent. If only 1 or 2 out of a crew of 10-12 people involved in my care were just average (personality-wise, not with their work), I think that is not bad at all; the majority were attentive (and friendly). There was a lot of waiting, however, mostly between tests. That would put it to 4 1/2 stars, but that's not an option here. For the reviewers writing really negative reviews, I don't know what they experienced; I wasn't there, and there is no way to make any comparisons. The ER is not for headaches or for minor issues--yes, I've heard of people using the ER like that, in some situations because they may not have insurance. If you go to the ER with something minor, expect a long stay--at any hospital. Most likely there will be a wait anyway, unless you have an obvious emergency, as a hospital deals with all sorts of situations on any given day. I don't know if any of the people giving these not only low ratings and really unpleasant words might have had some unreasonable expectations. Consider what the review says. Are there statements of experience, including specific, descriptive details, or are they just generic words? For example, statements like "The nurses were all rude," "No one listened to me," or even "Great hospital!" do not tell me much. They may have had a negative (or positive) experience, but if no details are given, I tend to discount those 'reviews'. The more info given, chances are the reviewer took more time and effort to think it through. Good or bad, there should be supporting evidence. There are a lot of people who feel entitled, and there are those who find fault with anything or anyone. Those are not reviews. If the person at the front desk wasn't the friendliest, fine, ask to speak with someone else. I, personally, care more about how the doctors and technicians deal with me; do they listen to my concerns, do they follow all the steps for higiene, for my privacy and safe treatment, etc.? Are they dismissive? Separately, was I, the patient, being proactive? If there was a delay, I would ask. If you need a blanket or a comfortable chair for a family member, see if you can be accommodated. If something makes you uncomfortable or seems odd, don't sit in silence expecting others to read your mind. Accidents and/or mistakes can and do happen, anywhere. Perfection does not exist in the man-made world. This hospital's ER was very efficient on the two times I went, though. What's important to me is that what I received was professional, kind, and considerate care. I took down all the names of the people involved in my care-not necessary, of course, but this way if something isn't right, I know who/what to mention. There was room for improvement, mostly with the waiting--overall, and one of the initial people to see me, but I did not experience any disrespectful or nasty behavior, which is more than I can say about visits to CVS,Target, or the post office, for example. A hospital should be held to higher standards, of course, as well. After my visit two years ago, I went back at a later date to thank the head nurse of that shift. I've been to five hospitals in the greater Miami area; three were to the ER, one being many years ago, and that was to Jackson. I would have given them a ZERO, if that were possible, if only for the flagrant disregard of one human towards another, especially when distressed, or in pain. South Miami/Baptist is at the other end of the spectrum. I mention this only to give some comparison.