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About South Texas Health System

South Texas Health System Edinburg, Texas is an acute care hospital operating 127 beds. The hospital campus includes a Support Services Center and medical offices in South Texas Health System Edinburg Plaza I. The hospital is an accredited Chest Pain Center, a certified Primary Stroke Center, and a Level IV Trauma Center. Women’s Corner at South Texas Health System Edinburg is dedicated to women’s care and baby delivery, it also offers childbirth classes. The hospital features a CAP Certified Laboratory and a wide range of specialties including Cardiology, Diabetes, Dialysis, Ear, Nose and Throat, Neurosurgery, Physical Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Care, Sleep Center, Surgery, Urology, and Wound Care.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 2.9
(23 reviews)

S Warrior

I went in to the ER for shortness of breath. I was assisted in less than 5 minutes. By the 1/2 hour I had an ivy in my arm, chest x rays taken and nebulizer treatment done. I was totally amazed by the effectiveness of the team who helped me. I was told it was recommended I'd stay another day and had a room upstairs within hours. It turns out I had bronchitis. The staff was exceptional and professional. They were very attentive. Shout out to Crystal, Jacylee, Irma, Jonathan, Lydia, Annie, Sam and many more.. Thank you all!! I totally recommend this place of care. As you're not left alone in some room behind a curtain waiting for help as I have experienced at other places that are supposedly the best.

Joanna Nerio

Great staff and very proffesional, & really helpeful.

Jovana Olvera

Amazing Nurses who show comfort, compassion , and are very attentive (Icu Dept.)

Juan Garcia

Former employee---Limit staff...if employee brings concern to administration they pretend to hear you but they heavily concern on profit for has very good workers but amount work just keep getting overwhelming...administration just keep.saying we fully staff...even when productivity is good....with upper administration confirm that....lower administration and director are more concern on profit than patient care or workers safety Please don't settle for less or get fool what they advertise....wrote a letter to them and no one ever ask why after serving them a lots they say there is line outside waiting outside for job....loyal employees are pennies for them shame on care

Nadav Mor

I was a patient in their radiology department and the service was very fast and efficient