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49 reviews

About South Texas Regional Medical Center

South Texas Regional Medical Center is a Hospital in Jourdanton, TX serving the Atascosa county community as the primary healthcare provider in the region
This facility has 30 total beds and provides the community with emergency care, surgical services, diagnostic imaging, pediatrics, maternity care & a wide range of other inpatient & outpatient medical services, treatments & programs.
Aside from emergency care, the hospital is mainly specialized in orthopedics, cardiology, sports medicine, and urology.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals Rating 2.6
(49 reviews)

Roberta Dobie

It is so nice to have a competent hospital in a small town area without having to drive thru San Antonio traffic. I recently had an emergency room situation. Within 3 hours, tests were done to determine I needed surgery & checked into a room. Staff in hospital were great & had lots of experience. All my needs were met. It was sad to see many empty rooms. Before you go to SA, consider a stay in a small, stress free environment.

Owen Reyes

Just go to urgent care. I will never use their ER. My kids went there two years ago. We paid the co pays. Two years later I am still receiving letters informing me Methodist er physicians have issued a separate bill. I have had to call my insurance. Basically do the billing departments job. Usually when you pay your co pay and provide your insurance that's the end. Not at this hospital.

Miranda Marquez

I went in for Rhabdomyosis and the Emergency staff treated me so well. They were very patient with me through my visit. I ended up getting admitted and the hospital staff was equally as patient with me. Dr. Chen did an amazing job explaining to me what was going on, how to avoid what happened, etc. My family and I are grateful for this hospital and staff. They went above and beyond to help me.

Catherine Dirmeier

Really had a good experience. Would highly recommend. Professional staff from the nurses to the Dr. was out within 3 hours and feeling no pain. Thank you so much

Jennifer Puentes

Worst hospital i have ever been too waited in lobby for 2 hr with my daughter mind you was crying in pain while they where giving rooms to people who looked just fine to me since they where laughing and having a good time.2 hrs later get put in a bed to wait another 1hr just for freaking Tylenol and a prescription. I do not recommended this place horrible staff could care less for patients in pain.