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1108 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan, AL 36301, USA
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Consumer feedback about Southeast Alabama Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Timothy Hawkins

thank goodness my wife is a RN and knows better than to take what she was handed which was almost a double dose of potassium....oh, and she really enjoyed the 2nd swab up the nose to check for flu after the first one was mislabeled with another patients name.....folks, you better take your own nurse or doctor with you if you go to this place for care...get your act together SAMC !!

Rating: 5 /5

Tiffany B

I had a surgical procedure at SAMC last November. My experience was excellent from beginning to end. Prior to being taken to surgery holding, the staff made sure to keep me updated. The staff in surgery holding took excellent care of me and continued to keep me updated. The OR staff was so gracious, kind and understanding. I had to stay overnight and my experience on the floor was amazing. The nurses and aides were very thorough and attentive.

Rating: 5 /5

Ron Furniss

5th floor nurse are greatest & most caring, Radiology Dept is excellent... E.R. is hit & miss depending on who the Physician Assistants are... I was sent home with a b.p. that is pain controlled of 204/124, simply because the P.A. didn't want to administer a shot for pain... Tried telling me steroid & muscle relaxer is pain medicine... I have severe spinal damage from base of skull to my tail bone, haven't taken pain meds in a few years by choice... But, I don't understand how any caring medical personnel could send someone home without treating b.p. levels, which were higher when discharged than when going in...

Rating: 3 /5

matthew andres

The emergency room here has no sense of urgency. Came in at 1030 and was here until 230 for just a cat scan. This is the worse Emergency room experience ever. Traci, the nurse was the only reason for the 3 stars. Great attitude....

Rating: 5 /5

Terrell Potter

Update. I was able to be seen and everyone in the building was helpful and nice. SAMC should be proud to have so many compassionate and helpful staff members and volunteers. This is especially true for Claudia Hall and others. Thank you.