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Consumer feedback about Southern Nh Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Papa Joe Gaudet

My friend, Richard is here with a shattered hip. Took them three days to decide how to put it back together, then ten hours to do the work. The surgeon said it was the worse break he'd ever seen. While this might not seem like a great recommendation, considering what he looked like after his fall and what he looks like a few days after surgery, I'd say they did an awesome job. He's comfortable and has his sense of humor back. What more can an old man ask for?

Rating: 5 /5

Tony Martinez

I had a colonoscopy on Weds morning. Everyone was very helpful, friendly and extremely proficient at the task at hand. The nurses, the anesthesiologist, the doctor and the whole staff in the department were terrific. If you can have a good time having this test.. then I had one...

Rating: 5 /5

Mary Boucher

My son Nick recently had a very complicated collarbone break in a football game. The treatment we received from SNHMC was outstanding right from the moment we arrived at the emergency room!!!! The security guard at the Emergency Department entrance helped get him into a wheelchair and get him inside. We received prompt attention from the medical team and we were able to be released very quickly with a plan. Nick saw the orthopedic surgeon and had surgery - required plate and screws- to repair the bone within 24 hours. We were so grateful to everyone at the Orthopedics Bone and Joint Center, especially Dr. Hoang. The surgery went smoothly, everyone in the surgical department were so kind and caring - they calmed all of our nerves. Nick is feeling great and stronger everyday! I would highly recommend this hospital and the entire Southern New Hampshire Health system. Thank you ! 😊

Rating: 1 /5

stoneduff stoneduff

Take your loved ones anywhere but here. I would give them a Negative star if there was one. Funny how no one has responded from there. It’s been 8 months since the original review. Shows...

Rating: 5 /5


We had our son here and we had an excellent experience. Doctors were, in my opinion, very knowledgeable and professional. We chose this hospital to have our child based on recommendations of friends that had used the hospital prior. We were very happy with our experience and highly recommend this to others who may be considering this hospital as their choice.