Southern Tennessee Regional Health System Lawrence Rating
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2.3 Rating
47 reviews
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Need your medical records from Southern Tennessee Regional Health System Lawrence?


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TPS Quality Score 39.5 Rating
47 reviews

Heaven M

I came into the ER July 9 almost 6 weeks pregnant hurting on my lower left side in a lot of pain. I was told I was dehydrated and that was the cause for the pain. They refused to do ultrasound said To follow up with my OB doctor. I went to my OB doctor July 11th they did ultrasound to find I was pregnant in my left tube! They schedule me for emergency surgery at maury regional hospital. My doctor said due to poor care at s.t.r.h. my tube ruptured as I was going into surgery if the hospital would've done their job they couldve saved my tube

Candice Tidwell

I would give this place zero or negative stars if I could. I can not speak for the other departments but do not go to the ER for anything. I went in at 6 weeks pregnant with bleeding. I waited in the ER for 4 hours (which wasnt the problem at all, I expected a long wait). I had an ultrasound done as well as blood work. My fiance has to leave to make sure someone is home for our daughter to get off the bus. The moment he leaves the nurse walks in to discharge me. So, I ask her what's going on and was everything okay? She said the Dr. Reedy should have came in and talked to you already but he hadn't. So the nurse( who was just as nice and sweet as she could be) went and got Dr. Reedy. He comes into my room with a horrible attitude and says I heard you were upset. I said No I'm not upset but she was going to discharge me and you never came back and talked to me. He went on to explain that this was an ER and I was not the only patient. Okay?? Still why is the nurse discharging me when I haven't heard anything from you?? He said you are having a normal pregnancy and sometimes you bleed during pregnancy. I was very upset at this point as I had no recieved any answers as to why I was bleeding or anything. So the doctor feels the need to have security called on me for raising my voice. I will never in my life set foot in this place again. Dr. Reedy is a horrible excuse for a doctor and should not be seeing patients with the attitude he has.

John Galt

There’s a reason this hospital has such a bad reputation. Very incompetent in treatment and diagnosis. Billing is 4-8 times national averages. If you want to blow $10,000 in a few minutes for sub-par care this is this place to do it. Just walk in the ER!

Jessica Kratzer

Wish I could give no stars but, unfortunately you have to give a star to review my neice was taken here lastnight for her arm we thought it was broken or fractured she waited 3 hours in the waiting room finally when taken back she was put in a psychiatric room was told there is no more rooms available got into x-rays really fast so we thought it won't take much longer it was another two hours before the doctor even came in she's a child so of course she was asleep he immediately gets snappy and rude cause she is hard to wake up he grabs her arm and bbends it towards him says oh it's not broke I can bend it while she's screaming and crying so her mother says okay what did the x-rays say he said they are fine looks good he walks out and precedes to ask the nurse how does the X-ray look after lying saying they looked good took him another hour to come back and say everything is fine we're putting her arm in a sling??? Why nothing is wrong?? My sister n law took her to an orthopedic clinic today and it was fractured in two places!!!! Do not go here they don't know what they are doing and apparently can't read x-rays!!!!

David Adams

Just go anywhere but here you will be waiting for 2hrs+ with any thing that is being done even when they say we will be back in 30 mins. People dont work here. Its just sad how the staff is rude and awful.