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123 reviews


My grandmother is 95 and has to be seen through the ER on occasion, even admitted on occasion for frequent infections she is prone to. Her most recent admit was the best experience for her and our family. The nurses were amazing and each took time to get to know her and try to customize her care. Our family members that stayed with her were treated great and encouraged to ask questions and help give input in how she would like to be cared for. We really appreciate the quality and thoroughness of her care. Will use this facility for all my family care needs because everyone really cares.

Tiffany Pratt

Excellent quality care for my husband. Made us feel at home. Would definitely recommend!

Hope Sanchez

I went in two weeks ago with abnormal pain in my stomach and nausea. We were seen very quickly, but they just immediately assumed pregnancy, tested for pregnancy and when it came back negative, they just didn’t care very much. They did an ultrasound and just said that my gallbladder had a bit of sludge, but they didn’t offer anything. They only sent me home with pain meds that ultimately didn’t help, neither did either of the shots they gave me helped with the pain. I went in again the other night because the pain was getting worse and now I had seen worms in my stool. They immediately dismissed that it wasn’t worms, despite that they didn’t test for anything nor did they ask any questions relating to anything but pinworms. They did not take me seriously. I had pictures but quickly said that it wasn’t worms because “it was the first time I saw them.” They ignored that I had been in two weeks ago for the same issues minus seeing anything in my stool. They drew blood, but didn’t test it. They did a urine test, but because that didn’t show any signs of an infection, they just sent me home. They never even tested the blood that they already took. They also gave me an IV, but the guy struggled a lot to get it in. I told him it burned, but he just dismissed it and said that was normal. They did a second ultrasound but the person doing it wasn’t a fully trained nurse and had to be given direction the whole time about what to do and what was even on the monitor. They pressed down too hard and made the pain worse which they ignored me telling them that it hurt too much. They gave me, again, just more pain medicine which Still doesn’t help. Now I have inflammation, severe pain, stiffness and can’t move my arm very much where they did the IV and the pain goes all the way up my muscle, likely from IV infiltration from it getting in the tissue. Note that in my twenty years, I’ve had many IVs and gotten my blood drawn a lot due to so many health issues and never have had any issues or complications from it. And now the pain in my stomach is still getting worse. I tried to go to the ER because for all I knew, I had a ten foot tapeworm inside of me (still might since they didn’t test for it). Now I have a 5k+ bill despite them saying that my insurance would cover anything. Bills i can handle, but the point is if they actually did anything the first time I came in, I wouldn’t even had to come in a second time and wouldn’t still be having issues. What bothers me is them refusing to take me seriously, do unnecessary testing (again, they only tested for signs of bacteria or an infection in my urine, and drew blood that they did not test).

Leisa Ginn

I went here because of chest pain, and pain through my back, the pain wS so bad I was hanging on to the bed rails, and had a horrific headache. Went here on Sunday October 13th the Dr I saw was Travis Esposito, I have COPD, he said all test was normal gave me no meds sent me home, so the next day the er nurse calls me said the chest X-ray shows pneumonia, and she’s calling my Dr. what’s wrong with the Dr.s here? He couldn’t get me out of here fast enough. COPD and pneumonia is not good anyone knows this. at least he did give me something for pain, but no antibiotics. But said the X-ray was clear, I mean really. I bet he didn’t even look at it.

Jennifer Thomas

I had surgery here and the entire staff from the ER, Endoscopy, & surgery teams were amazing! I highly recommend this hospital, the staff, & my surgeon Dr. Stierlen. My mom & nephew have both seen Dr. Barnes and had a great experience. I have multiple family members that have had surgery at Southwest with a great experience.